Chief Editor of Bobruisk courier warned for blog comment

Chief editor of "Bobruisk courier" Anatoly Sanotenko received an official warning about "the inadmissibility of violating the law regulating relations in the sphere of order management."

Warning that came by mail, signed by the deputy prosecutor of Leninsky district of Bobruisk, according to the website "Bobruisk courier."

The reason for the warning was one of the blog posts Anatolia Sanatenko that it leads to the site of "Belarusian partisan". It journalist develops the idea that the tragic events of April 11 in Minsk to blame the current government.

"It's certainly a precedent as the saying goes, the blame — on others. To prevent possible claims in his blog post I gave a link to the official website of AG Lukashenko, where is his speech delivered at the emergency meeting in connection with the explosion at the metro station "October." There, in including, states: "Indoor nothing. In this event, we are guilty only … The fault lies with us. " Next, I placed my short comment, the right to which gives me 33 article of the Constitution Republic of Belarus, and the fifth article "Freedom of opinion and expression" zakone Republic of Belarus "On mass media".

Editor in chief also noted that the Belarusian legislation is no such thing — "like — not like it." But there is a criminal article for "obstruction of lawful professional activities of a journalist."

Anatoly Sanotenko intends to appeal he received a warning.

April 14 Deputy District Attorney Anatoly Kabernik tried to give a warning Anatolia Sanatenko in the yard of his house. However Sanotenko refused to sign anything because he did not consider himself the offender legislation. He suggested prosecutors to meet in a more formal setting.


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