China. Blossoming rock.

Absolutely amazing and mysterious phenomenon happening in China. After a while, flowers bloom on the rocks!..

ak the website "News Guangxi" in Duan Yaoskom Autonomous County of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has several mountains on which periodically "bloom" stone flowers. They look very beautiful, like a work of divine stone dresser and is very similar to real flowers.

Corresponding edition personally went to the village of Hund of the area and saw with my own eyes that many mountains along their slopes and cliffs, there are flowers. On one of the small plateau of stone colors were so many as "the stars of heaven."

Their diameter is, on average, about two centimeters, and some — 6-7 centimeters. They are very hard and very difficult to break off a piece.

Their color brown, as the stones in which they "grow", some visible white core, which. reflecting the sun's rays, making this work of nature is even more amazing.

Stone Flowers are a part of the mountain on which are, fused with her petals or base of the cup.

Local residents say that the flowers appear periodically, and then disappear. The period of a few years, and sometimes more than a decade, no one counted accurately.

Geologists say that the stone flowers consist, basically. calcium carbonate, and are sedimentary rocks.


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