China. Life ring, or a portal to other worlds?

In China, in the midst of building a huge metal ring in the center of Fushun City in Liaoning Province. The height of the building will be 157 meters, and many have already dubbed him the portal to other worlds. This structure is called the "Ring of Life".

Maybe this is just another example of the construction of objects that are passionate about an epidemic in China, like the whole ghost towns, consisting of thousands of buildings awaiting settlement.

On the creation of the ring structure has been spent 3,000 tons of steel, and it will light up at night, Making 12,000 LED lights. Officials of the municipal government g.Fushun say that this titanic structure has no other purpose than to serve the sublime observations.

They argue that this is an amazing "landscape architecture", such as the Eiffel Tower. The object has the official name of "Ring of Life", but it is also referred to as "the circle of heaven" and the "way that leads to a heavenly paradise." Life Ring will be used for high-altitude display, and on the top of people will carry four lifts.

Chinese media exposed the idea of harsh criticism after a blogger posted these photos on Sina Weibo, «the largest microblogging platform." Country. Not surprisingly, since this thing is worth $ 16 million.

There are opinions that this construction has some secret purpose, because the Chinese city is not enough hospitals and other social institutions, and the budget is clearly not redundant.



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