China. Mountain Tyanmen. Cloud Gate

Tyanmen Mountain, which is located in the province of Hunan (China) has received worldwide recognition for its unique cave "Heaven's Gate". To the foot of the cave Tyanmen from the top of a staircase of 999 steps, and to the mountain itself — the so-called "high road gates."

The interesting thing is that this cave, the highest of all known people who formed naturally. In the year 263 of the mountain broke off a piece of an enormous size, and formed a cave, a height and a width of 57 131.5 meters. Imagination, which was the among the clouds, it could not be called anything other than "Heaven's Gate".

Local people believe that Mount concludes his supernatural powers. Chinese people have witnessed the incredible natural phenomenon: a few times during a significant event for the country from the top of the mountain hit by flood waters. This waterfall pouring down each time for 15 minutes and then disappeared.
Treasure hunters — are frequent visitors "Heaven's Gate". They say that during the reign of the Chinese Ming Dynasty, one of the leaders of the peasant revolt hid in the cave of untold treasures. Many years have passed, but are inquisitive people who seek to find the treasure. Here only their attempts still unsuccessful.



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