China. Reed flute cave

Reed flute cave (Reed Flute Cave) — one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is located near the Chinese city of Guilin. Cave got its name thanks to the growing around it a special kind of cane, from which since ancient times have made some of the best flutes in all of China.

Age cave is at least 180 million years, and it was a popular place for walking the local population and the nobility for 1200 years. On the walls of the cave are about a hundred of ink inscriptions, dating from the year 792 AD (the time of the Tang Dynasty). Newly cave was discovered in the 1940s and during World War II served as a refuge, and in 1962 it was opened to the public.

In the cave has a length of about 240 meters and is filled with numerous stalactites, stalagmites and other weird rock formations, beautifully illuminated, colored artificial lighting. Some education have their own poetic names such as the "Crystal Palace", "Dragon Pagoda", "Wildwood." A visit to the cave is organized by U-shaped path, which includes a variety of tracks and bridges, takes about an hour and costs 90 yuan (about 400 rubles).



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