China. Stone Forest

Another miracle of natural origin gives us China. Stone Forest in Yunnan Province — a fabulous place. It seems as if dozens of titans once found a haven here and have arranged these lands in proportion to its majestic on earth. In the bizarre geological formations can be considered a huge mushrooms, trees, sleeping turtles and even elephants. And all of this is unshakable and majestic, survived to our time.

Stone Forest was formed, as well as many natural wonders, by prolonged exposure of the environment on the ground. The fact is that about 300 million years ago, there was a deep sea, but after it has dried, the underwater topography was laid bare and for all has become a hostage of the elements no less insidious than water. Air, sunshine and time thoroughly worked over the place before you submit it to the court of man. I must say, it came out something quite amazing.

Stone Forest is divided into two parts: the above-ground and underground. That part of the natural compound that is found on the surface, in turn, is divided into 3 parts: the Stone Forest Naygu, Small Stone Forest and the main stone forest. The underground part includes, for example, karst cave Zhiyong, zanimayuschuyuploschad to 3 square kilometers, and other caves. In the underground caves you can find all the same interesting pieces of stone, and their deep location gives them a special mystique.

Another attraction of the park is the "Cave of the mysterious wind." In neyest amazing underground river, from every 30 minutes sees a vortex. It slides on the water surface just 2-3 minutes, then slowly begins to subside. This phenomenon can be observed only during the period from August to November.

Also, in the Stone Forest is a wonderful Ba River, which form a torrent rushes down from a height of 88 meters. In the rainy season this waterfall called Dade, is particularly picturesque.


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