Chinese farmers were fined 158.4 million per ekouscherb in Primorye

Court Partyzansky Primorye fined Chinese tenants of land to 158.4 million rubles for soil pollution by pesticides, said on Friday regional management Rosselkhoznadzor.

Agency also notes that the court terminated the lease of land of 107 acres, signed between the Office for disposal of municipal property Partyzansky and farming.

"As compensation for environmental damages sought from the court of Chinese farmers 158.4 million rubles. Decision shall enter into force 30 days" — says the agency.

Today more and more Chinese citizens travel to Riviera with the aim of growing agricultural products. Experts often note an excess of agrochemicals in the soil cultivated by them selhozuchastkah that, experts say, leading land unusable for a short period of time. Production from these fields is dangerous for health. In most cases, control authorities are powerless against the farmers, polluting the soil with pesticides. By law to check the condition of the soil can be no more than once every three years, and for an unscheduled need good reasons, in particular, the mass poisoning of products to farmers.

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