Chinese satellite photographed the base on the moon!

It seems that the mystery of the origin of the moon, as well as the fact that on the surface there are alien base, or people will clarify the Chinese. Lunar satellite Chang'e-2 has done amazing images of the surface of the planet on which to distinguish the structure!

The Canadian edition video and data leads Alex Collier, who is known for the fact that retells the message coming from aliens from outer space. He states that also received the first photos of friends from China.

He said: The Chinese lunar mission "Chang'e-2? began to send the first pictures: "I got a few photos from a source who claims China will be releasing copies of images from Chang'e-2, which clearly show the presence of buildings and structures on the surface of the moon." Alex Collier suggests that "The study of Chinese, apparently, will be devoted to the apparent presence of a military base on the Moon."



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