Clairvoyant Nastya: the future of each depends on itself

July 1, 2012 10:07

Nastya and her husband.
Photo: Jelena Rudi

Clairvoyant Nastya — winner of the Estonian Battle of psychics, and author of «Selgeltnagija Nastja» and «Nastja hea tervise kokaraamat» especially for told about the secrets and mysteries of his life and his abilities.

Nastya, about you so much written in Estonian-language media, and Russian in this country about you do not know much. Tell us a little about yourself. When find yourself the gift of clairvoyance?

As a child I was very serious and obedient because he felt and knew that my mother thinks and therefore does not cause her any discomfort. It was only a desire to help her and not causing trouble, and since I knew exactly what she wanted and knew everything without words, always did, as it is convenient. In our family, it was normal to ask for my advice, even when I was five years old. I'm not really aware of what it is, and in the seventh grade was interested in all strange and mystical predictions, conspiracies. Who else to do with it — there is no curiosity, interest, no need to climb, there knowledge and understanding, which is necessary for the person.

In ordinary life somehow affect your ability? Deliver it uncomfortable?

I often say that I'm in a little world of his. With dancing so it was — the coach is constantly shouting, "Hey, wake up, you're somewhere not here!". I'm just on my level understand, can not by words but on a subconscious level, and so do I have a delayed reaction, I suppose. I kind of do not live, and watch the life and myself, including the part. And sometimes prevents a person says something to me, and I like subtitles are his thoughts, feelings, it absorbs me, I wonder, analyze, and eventually, when I need to say anything, I do it with some delay. In my opinion, the children as well, I noticed. Too much flow of information, and this information is in fact not words, and it takes time to understand it, feel it.

How often do you use your gift in your daily life? And in what situations?

The longer, the more it all comes naturally. The best skill is the ability to think to influence the situation, understand what you need and desire to perform. Use in the most ordinary and necessary things. In evil purposes do not use. Learn to control your anger, because I know what it can do harm. In itself not keep emotions — too bad, if something is wrong, it is better to shout, to express their discontent, but, God forbid, threaten — come true. It is worth something to me wish — come true. But it made me very careful what you wish for. Trivia wish boldly.

Long noticed that things made with my own hands, acting as an amulet, I do for you is always in high school they did. Gradually began to do something for other people, I get a lot of letters of thanks, I think this is the right thing — do not get into the fate of people risking harm, and transfer them with amulets that energy. Usually the decorations, paintings. Angels suggest me which stones, color combinations used, often see sketches in his sleep. So I do not hard to never be repeated, all my charms in a single copy. The most important thing in life — a combination, harmony. In fact, any talented person, whether a designer or a great cook, uses his intuition to complete, it is impossible to know or teach such people are doing it on a whim. To know what to take, how much and what to add, this is the formula is very accurate, and if the person has a connection with the higher powers, all that he does, he gets.

When I cook a meal, I rarely follow the recipe. Usually just comes to me knowing that with what will be combined to prevent this you can eat as much as you want and not gain weight, for example. Recipe — this is the formula. Not recover from food, but from the wrong combinations. Therefore, it is effectively divided food, though tasteless.

Appeal to you people for help? You can often help people? Whether people are taking?

No, there is no reception, I do not want that.

You clairvoyant to predict the future. Do you think that you can change it? Himself a man the creator of your destiny and your future or everything is already decided for us?

The more I have some knowledge of this area, the less willing to look into the future, I'm not curious. Moreover, it is not interesting, often scary and just as dangerous. As a rule, the future exists in several versions, and which variant will come — it depends on us, but some things still are pre-determined.

The most important day — today, and it does not need to spend on empty guessing what will happen tomorrow, and to do everything to improve the future, and it can be improved by improving ourselves, our thoughts, first of all.

Do you foresee the future of your child?

I try to see her bent, try to see who she is, to understand it. We ourselves shape the future of their children in many ways. We should not look at it, and try to understand what to do or not to do, not to spoil the future. This is a very responsible.

I read that your daughter also have extraordinary abilities. Tell us, what?

Sometimes she knows and says things that she never told, and they know she can not, she has a good memory and the ability of past lives. In the three years she has already told us how we met, or, for example, says: "When my father was a little boy, and you have not been born …". That is, even if she is, and who is to say that the Pope older mothers for four years, a little child mind is difficult to understand what is meant by "four years older" and who was born, and she knows, understands and feels.

Her faith is very strong, the energy of her desires. I try, that she learned to use it for good. I try to impart to her kindness and empathy — that very little attention is paid to modern education. I read about the education of the king's daughters, the queen took his daughters with him to the hospital when I went there with a charity, does not protect them from what they can see suffering.

Also we do not have cable TV at home, that is the television itself is, but we show it only cartoons they see fit, mostly old. Husband collects old cartoons, looking for them everywhere, even the most rare. I collect old books, they teach what is good, and each picture was on it a true artist, and not on the computer.

What can you tell by looking at the photo of the person?

It depends — sometimes a lot, sometimes nothing.

Now put all your photos in your social networks. What can you say about this?

This can affect a person, because his photo constantly look different people, with different ideas, different energy. In public people whose destiny is tied up with a lot of attention, even more than the angels, there is additional protection. Especially if in doubt, put the pictures or not, it is better not bet.

Let's talk about love. When you first saw her future husband, you immediately know that getting married?

Yes, I understood it at once. Therefore, he was funny, when I asked at the second meeting of its name, it has shown a passport, saying that no one from the first time it can not properly read, and I read it. I thought it was familiar.

A history of dating, I have many times told. It was October 31, the birthday of my friend, the company of the five girls we went to celebrate the disco. Men have always paid attention to me, but I always keep a distance. Her friends were surprised when they saw a young man holding me by the waist and is so close in five minutes after they met — for me it was really unheard of! He was afraid that I would give the wrong phone number, did not sleep all night, and already at 10 am called me at home, picked up my mom. I did not shock her the news that it is calling my husband uduschy said a month later, she was against it, then we somehow persuaded her to calm down, that the wedding will not before I will do at the university.

Give our readers advice. How to understand, to feel, whether it's your people?

And as here advise? It can only be felt. Generally, if it's fate, it would still be with you — this is a sign. If things are going, then your people, if I still can, and communication as it is pegged you, then, not yours.

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