Clinical death — to reach the heavens.

Apparent death. There are people who have gone through it and already know what awaits them on the other side. Does this knowledge to live next to them, or just the way? Can the man himself introduce yourself in this state, and that such holotropicheskaya therapy? Let's look for answers in the article.

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Whether it is possible, based on abundant evidence to prove the existence of life after death, the existence of heaven or hell, or for this phenomenon is the scientific psychological explanation?

Today, experts around the world are trying to restore the sequence of events occurring after the person's death. They learn the inner workings of the brain and are experimenting with the state of the human body in order to answer the eternal question — is there life after death. In most cases, the clinical death of a person is accompanied by memories of traveling through a tunnel to bright light. There may be light at the end of the tunnel is the beginning of a life after death, the gates of heaven, but to find this phenomenon and other earthly explanation.

Many scientists believe that a person's death — is both a physiological, biological and psychological phenomenon. When people close encounter with death, let's drown or get into an accident, get a heart attack when something happens to the physical body, it's all for the brain. Research neurologists have shown that the brain is deprived of oxygen, behaves according to a strictly defined schema. This phenomenon is called the cardiac release. When the blood drain from the brain cells, neurotransmitters begin to explode. As a result, in the consciousness of having fragments of the past are beginning to appear on images and emotional memories that are carried in the head of a string of rapidly changing each other. This happens so fast that after the death of a person the feeling of flight. He feels that he is flying through the tunnel. Bright light in front, which always appears in the minds of all people who have experienced clinical death, caused by a strong blood pressure. People see a bright light on the other strontium and they feel that they are moving on it. They recall his personal life, friends and acquaintances.

Some asked why the other side we see Jesus or the angels? In fact, so does not happen to all people. Those who belong to other religions, after the death occur with other characters. Some even see the figures do not relate to religion, for example, their departed loved ones. It has to do with chemistry, psychology, and cultural influence of society on human life.

In the debate on the topic of near-death experiences, there are two main areas. On the one hand, there are those who believe that they have witnessed a life after death, and on the other hand, those who believe that this phenomenon can be explained by science. But it is possible that between blind faith and skepticism is a place for an objective view of the phenomenon of near-death experiences.

Explaining what happens when the biological process of dying brain cells, the science does not deny the spiritual side of this phenomenon. During clinical death of the person we see different things, it can be explained by the fact that in each case the blood drain from different parts of the brain and it is not consistent. However, despite the fact that this is a biological process, for many it mainly has divine. When God created the human mind, he formed the brain, switching at some point. I think he did it in order to make it clear that it's over and it's time to go home. This is the divine plan in respect of death, which sooner or later everyone is experiencing.

Clinical death — it's a big shock. It completely turns people's opinions about my life and about themselves. The meaning of near-death experiences is that at this moment we get the information about the existence of another world. We know they're not alone in the universe. This is the main spiritual experience that a person receives when immersed in this state.

The phenomenon of near-death experiences known to mankind for a long time — ever since the basis of religion. For many centuries, each of the great religions created the image of the savior in the person of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna. These people have become for us an example that should be followed. Each of them has experienced nothing but a clinical death. And it's pretty well-known facts, because the theme of death is present in each of the religions.

In addition to the physical embodiment of the belief in eternal life, some nations prepare themselves for the journey to the next world. In Egyptian caves preserved items necessary for life field of death, and the Buddhists have a special instruction called "Tibetan Book of the Dead." This book describes in detail all that awaits man after his physical death. In this manuscript, written thousands of years ago, contains detailed descriptions of what we call clinical death. One of the main instruction in the Tibetan Book of the Dead for the bright light coming from the higher powers. It is written that we should come up to the bright light and open up to him.

The study of gravitational forces on the brain may help to uncover some mysteries concerning clinical death. For years, the fighter pilots fell into a state of clinical death due to sharp turns and falls at supersonic speed. When the pilot is a fighter and does a very sharp turn, the gravitational force begins to press in his chair. Blood pours from his head and goes to the internal organs. At this point, there is a tunnel vision, motor skills waning, blunted feelings and the pilot loses consciousness. When blood returns appear myoclonic jerks and a person comes to mind.

Years of research involving several hundred pilots have identified a number of interesting cases of partial loss of consciousness and the state of clinical death. At these moments, people lose consciousness, saw short-term dreams.

Can the average person to cause a sense of self-death, while avoiding harm to health? In the past 24 years, patients psychologist Wall Grof used an unusual form of therapy in order to bring repressed emotions and forgotten memories. Groff calls this therapy, which consists primarily of rapid and deep breathing, holotropicheskoy, ie associated with light.

Holotropicheskaya therapy — is a very powerful tool for self-discovery, besides using this technique you can quickly introduce yourself in a state of near trance. She has great therapeutic potential, as proven by scientific research. Patients who have this type of therapy have reported a variety of symptoms that are similar to what can be experienced during clinical death. The output of one's own body, flying through the tunnel, the merger with the light of the divine presence of unearthly beings, the return of memories — all of this is not as fast as in clinical death, but nevertheless all these strange feelings are very reminiscent of her. The similarities are striking. His technique helps a person to open new psychological measurement, send the mind to places where ordinary daily life, he never is.

Proves the existence of a near-death life after death, or the phenomenon is associated with chaotic activity of the dying brain? Not yet found a clear answer to all these questions. Although information on the encounter of death accumulated over the centuries, only in the last two decades, science has achieved some progress in the study of this question.

From darkness to light, from death to immortality — a spiritual thirst that has gone through all generations and cultures. We have to drop the ignorance and enrich their knowledge. It is our spiritual odyssey. The phenomenon of near-death experiences allows each individual human being to feel that he is part of something bigger than the usual reality, part of some global schema, a great plan, a colossal cosmic structure, part of the universe itself.


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