Code of Antarctica

February 17, 2013 4:03

"Code of Antarctica"

The fact that in Antarctica Queen Maud Land is a secret Nazi base-211, I learned while traveling in Germany. Spoke about her 89-year-old Walter Shulke former obershturmbannfyurer SS. This man mentioned in the article "UFOs over Stalingrad" ("Secrets of the twentieth century», № 45 for 2011). At one time I helped Shulke find grave of his grandfather, who died at Stalingrad. Grateful German told me that still kept secret.

Secret base

— When I graduated from the University of Berlin, my father, General Reichswehr rubbed me in one part of the SS. She was stationed on the French coast in the English Channel — began the story Walter Shulke. — There I adjusted the missile launch "V-2" in London. In 1944, I was transferred to serve the landfill at Peenemunde, where the latest tested rocket "V-5", and even diskolety that looked very much like a UFO. In 1945, when the Russian came very close, you drove us on submarines.

We did not know that one of the submarines carrying the higher ranks of the SS and party bosses, is heading to the coast of Argentina, in the German Colony. And the fact that another submarine — with scientists and engineers — followed at a base in Antarctica, I learned already in the Argentine colony inhabited sea wolves Admiral Doenitz. Have you heard anything about a secret base in Antarctica? In response, I just shrugged, saying that from? And the source told me an amazing story.

Bandaged people

— Base-211, or New Swabia, was established by the Nazis in the late 1930s after several expeditions to Queen Maud Land. There, near the thermal springs, discovered a vast territory with no ice, covered with grass. Under the Antarctic oases found large caves with domed arches, and under them — geysers and underground lakes with a water temperature of 18 degrees. There were also underwater caves, ideal for the passage of submarines. This territory was declared the property of Nazi Reich.

There in late 1930 on the ship "Shvabenland" and submarines of the "Führer Convoy" delivered food, building materials, laboratory equipment, tractors, rail, trucks, mining equipment, as well as people: the greatest scientists, engineers, designers and thousands of prisoners concentration camps. They have built an entire underground city of New York, with laboratories, factories and hangars. According to Doenitz, the Germans were "created there a fortress for the Fuhrer, which will increase future underground Aryan race." Were brought to the base of volunteers of both sexes of the Hitler Youth, in order to preserve the Aryan race. At the end of the war in the Base-211 Nazis evacuated senior officers of the Reich, Hitler and archives stolen treasures.

The commander of the submarine U-530 Heinz Schaeffer has made more than one trip to New Swabia, told Shulke in Argentina, on July 10, 1945 in Kiel, took on board five mysterious passengers. Their faces were covered with bandages. "All the way they were silent, — said Schaeffer — but when we found out and the boat began to shake from explosions of depth charges and two passengers, unable to stand, steel swear. In one of them I recognized the voice of Reichsleiter Bormann. I believe that the second was himself Mueller Gestapo chief. I was told to drop them off at a port in Argentina, and follow the Base-211. But we with another submarine commander decided to surrender to the Argentine authorities. "

— I believe this guy — told me Shulke — because he had met in prison with Bormann. He underwent plastic surgery, and he was mowing a Jew. Mueller also feared no one, behaved arrogantly, as if he were in his Gestapo …

A real paradise on earth

Hitler's favorite Hanna Reitsch visited Antarctica in 1943

Hitler's favorite Hanna Reitsch visited Antarctica in 1943

— In 1960, I met with the legendary pilot, Hanna Reitsch favorite of Hitler, in Spain, where she had a helicopter center — continued Shulke. — She told me that he had been in Antarctica in 1943. "On the basis — said Reitsch — created psychotronic and beam-based laser weapons, resulted in complete readiness diskolety." According to her, the underground plant to enrich plutonium for nuclear weapons. Thank God, they are never used.
Americans soon got wind of the secret base, they are not just observers recorded the appearance of the coast of Antarctica flying saucers. In late 1946, the Pentagon has equipped for the Antarctic "scientific" expedition under the famous polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd. It was sewn with white thread: aircraft carrier accompanied the expedition, 13 warships, 25 aircraft and helicopters, in its composition — just 25 scientists, but in 4100, accompanied by marines. Soon, the media reported that the real purpose of the mission is search and Byrd elimination Nazi base in Queen Maud Land.

However, upon arrival the Americans have been exposed. During the collision, they lost one ship, 13 aircraft, killing dozens of soldiers. The pilots told of vynyrnuvshih of the water and attack them flying discs, incinerating all living rays, strange phenomena of mass mental illness of people.

— Many years later, when I came back from the United States, he lived in Berlin — said Shulke — was published diary of Admiral Byrd, which he kept during the expedition. These entries I will bring you as soon end up in Russia.

Diary of Admiral Byrd

Flag of New Swabia

Flag of New Swabia

Shulke briefly gave me the contents of the diary, and his story, I suggest readers. When Byrd, already being in Antarctica, flew a seaplane base area intended location Nazis suddenly crashed compass, radio communication was lost. Stop listening to the pilot and the aircraft. Above it hangs a strange kind diskolet resembling British helmet with a swastika on the board. Wrote Admiral plane was trapped.

Unknown to the pilots called in English, "We will now go to jail. Calm down, you're in good hands! "After a while, the plane landed at the site, strewn with fine gravel. The Americans came out, and the admiral and the radio operator was approached by several people — tall blond, somewhat similar to each other. They brought the captives to a huge hatch and offered to come down.

After a few minutes all were in the underground city in front of a building. The admiral asked to go inside, and the radio operator was asked to stay outside. Passing through the corridor of the underground facilities, Byrd was in a large room, where the table sat an elderly man with regular features.

— Welcome, Admiral! — The stranger said. — We have allowed you to be here, because you are a gentleman. You safely back to the United States, provided that immediately leave our property. Tell your government that any interference in our affairs by force, especially nuclear, is fraught with the appropriate response. Not detain you longer.

Meanwhile, the planes of the American expedition invaded the base. One of the military pilots later said: "We were attacked by a sudden strange diskoletov like vynyrnuvshih of water. From some unknown sizzling rays destroyer "Murdoch" flashed a torch and went to the bottom, they were suddenly cut superstructure and coming from the aircraft carrier aircraft. 20 minutes later the nightmare stopped diskolety suddenly disappeared. Nazis could wipe us to powder, but did not. "

Mystery of the base is unlikely to be disclosed

Back in Washington, Admiral word for word the Germans gave a warning to President Truman. However, he did not believe Byrd and accused him of failing operation. Admiral remove myself and tried to isolate from newsmen.

— Diary, who secretly Byrd led the expedition, was published after his death — summed Shulke. — The Yankees sent expeditions to Antarctica several more times, but allegedly did not find anything. Base-211 lasted long.

According to reports in the media, off the coast of Chile observed in 1960-1970-s and appeared much later flying saucers — apparently from the base. In 2004, Canadian scientists have noticed when flying over the territory of the Antarctic ice diskolet, but when they returned there after a while, they found nothing. I guess that many people in the underground city died of old age. Were probably only a few members of the Hitler Youth, who arrived at the call of the Fuhrer. However, they eventually left the Antarctic, destroying all that was there. At this point now based research station Germany "Neumayer-3." Outsiders were not allowed there. So the secret base is unlikely to be solved …

At the Shulke we said goodbye. He handed me a business card, made by him in the U.S., where he moved from Argentina. A month later I got a phone call at home. Removing the phone, I heard the voice of Walter:

— I'm in a hotel "Volgograd". Can we see you?

When meeting Shulke said that his grandfather had found the name on a plaque in the German cemetery Rossoshka, and besides, he brought what he promised. Walter gave me a magazine "Brizant." There I found a page from the diary of Admiral Byrd, in the footnotes to which read: "The admiral learned that the Yankees during an undercover operation" Code of Antarctica "yet made contact with the base-211. The Nazis gave them new technology in exchange for raw materials. Richard Byrd tried to tell journalists about it, but was placed in a psychiatric hospital, from which he never came out. It can be seen, the State Department and the CIA did not want to disclose the secret operation "code of Antarctica. '"

Ivan Barykin

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