Colin Fyurz and his jet bike!

Amazing people. Who are they? Maybe it's those who climb mountains, descend into the crater of a volcano, or the depths of the ocean? Or maybe it's just people who are capable of extraordinary deeds and follies? Meet, Colin Fyurz — a man who is able to do and ride the jet bike, reach speeds of 80 km / h! Pipes burn tires cleared to zero after 5 kilometers, and Colin mad rushes at his infernal machine and laughs!

Colin Fyurz received from journalists Supermario nickname for his new invention. The plumber did a jet bike, equipped with aircraft engines.
The machine can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour, and is already recognized as the most dangerous in the world by bicycle. By Colin shaky velokonstruktsii priladil jet engine, made by hand. And when you create the plumber used the same technology that is used in the engines of bombers during World War II. Now the 32-year-old Colin Fyurz riding on his supervelike an abandoned airfield.

Entries tests reactive monster he posted online and caused a flurry of comments. Some believe the British mad genius of others. "This is my craziest invention, which I really creepy scary ride, but nowhere to go" — confessed Fyurz edition of Daily News and told the sentimental story of the creation of two-wheeled beast.

"Mama my friend wanted to throw my old bike because his time is up. But she was very attached to him, because for many years it went to the city and to the market for shopping. She loved him so much that I decided to give him a second chance at life and turned it into a jet machine, "- said the plumber and inventor Fyurz.

Resident of Lincolnshire took four months to equip special long bike frame that will prevent the rider from the flame would leap out of the engine. He then joined her, and the engine itself, created almost military technology. This device allows the bike to develop a truly fantastic speed. "The only trouble is that the design came out pretty shaky, very difficult to control the bike that is ready to jump out from under you," — says Fyurz.

This is not the first crazy invention of the British, he also has three phones, King caught in the Guinness World Records, including those he has created the fastest scooter in the world. Last year Fyurz rigged motor carriage, which accelerated to nearly 90 miles an hour, and made the longest bike in the world.


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