Colonization of Mars China!

The other day China sent its first spacecraft with the first team colonizers of 7 people on MARS. News thundered around the world and caused outrage clear the United States. Why, because they were planning to create a colony on the planet in 30 years, and here …

China's space program began in 1956, but only after 14 years (and with the support of the Soviet engineers), the Chinese managed to get into orbit its first satellite, which existed for 57 minutes.

Since then, the eyes of a billion Chinese were fixed in the sky. By 1976 China without the help of others creates technology return spacecraft back to Earth and successfully launches an autonomous space station to the Moon.

However, all the efforts of China to launch a man into space for decades ended in failure as long as the 16 th October 2003 at 6:00 23 minutes, Beijing time China's first controlled spacecraft "Shenzhou-5", completing the flight lasted 21 hours in space, successfully landed in a predetermined region of Inner Mongolia. The successful flight of a manned spacecraft caused jubilation throughout the Middle Kingdom, and the first astronaut Yang Liwei and to this day remains an idol for young people in China.

Last year, China launches — and again successful — their own space station, becoming the first country in the world by number of completed space launches, giving the palm a non-existent Soviet Union already. Along the way, China has announced a broad perspective on the space program, including the establishment of a multi own lunar base in 2015.

And now, today received the news that China has embarked on the Great Expansion to Mars by sending him the first expedition of 7 people who had the honor to take to the colonization of our nearest neighbor, having founded the first in the history of mankind space base on another planet. It is reported that in the next three months, using favorable celestial convergence of our planet, to Mars will launch 11 more crews, located on the hands of the "one-way ticket."

Speaking at a meeting of the Council immediately convened the national security of the U.S. CIA director David Petraeus said that his department was aware of the presence of China's space program in the colonization of Mars and warned the country's leaders about the possible expansion of the Chinese space beginning in the summer of 2012. At the end of the report Petraeus group of senators, led by John McCain, in a rather bluntly demanded that President Obama put forward an ultimatum to China and to threaten a complete rupture of diplomatic relations, which in the language of international politics means announcement by the state of war, if China does not return and have already started refuses to start the next expedition to Mars.

Apparently, the U.S. senators suggest the presence of a spacecraft emergency lever "emergency brake" button and "reverse." However, it is unlikely leadership of the Communist Party of China saber-rattling scare Americans. China, in military terms, though not in the teeth yet cope with the United States, but in the government of both countries clearly understand that after such a conflict, America, as a nation, will cease to exist on the political map of the world. And now I wonder, will say something about Vladimir Putin or pretend that nothing has happened and give secret instruction central media and television channels "not notice" the Chinese launch of the ultimatum and the Americans? Let's wait until Monday.

PS I am certainly glad that China is not waiting when there is ripe for such a move by NASA, and even the Chinese will take with them , but somehow it is not alone, that on the eve of December 21, 2012 the Chinese are trying to settle on other planets.

Well, time will tell.

Have a great day!

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