Color Symbolism

Since ancient times, people gave each flower meaning. As the years passed, changing era, and with them are modified interpretation of colors. Florists have put together the interpretation of each plant and named it, "The Language of Flowers." Thanks to the information collected by people who know, anyone can with a fine hint of his feelings a bouquet of her favorite.

Interpretation of the value depends on the color of rose buds.
• White roses are a symbol of innocence, chastity and purity. Most of them presented to young girls as a token of admiration for their youth and innocence.

• If you want the flower symbolized passion and strong love, you have to buy roses red. Today, a bunch of red roses presented not only a favorite, but my work colleagues, close friends, to express my gratitude and respect.
• Pink roses symbolize romance, tenderness and grace.

In Ancient Rome, this delicate, fragrant flower people associated with luxury, success and wealth. They appear on coins and paintings. France also provided a new interpretation of the lily — nobility, grandeur and yet integrity.

Is the color that is customary to give only the beloved people. Orchids are an emblem of luxury, grandeur, elegance. For the Chinese orchid is considered a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and it protects the person from impotence. On Chinese vases image orchid — a sign of harmony and concord. These sissy very carefully transported. This will help you sending flowers to Moscow by courier.

Everyone's favorite tulip, with a mass of a wide variety of colors, is a symbol of pure and chaste love. Red tulips are presented as a declaration of love. But the yellow tulip in Slavic legend, brings happiness. The symbol of the eye is beautiful tulip Halter.

Japan — the birthplace of chrysanthemums. In Japanese ikebana chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship and affection. These flowers are a sign of wisdom, longevity and health. If you want to express the importance of man in your life — presented him with figures of flowers or just a bouquet of chrysanthemums.

Gerberas — Flowers paradox, combining the mystery and sincerity. The interpretation of the flower is also veiled in mystery. Some believe that the wildflowers — the color of unknown secrets, deliberate understatement. Others believe gerbera symbol of cheerfulness, optimism, and flirting.

Human nature to be interested in the symbols of things surrounding him everywhere. Not everything can be said in words. It is not surprising that many are trying to learn the meaning of flowers to express their feelings to people close

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