Colored lightning

During World War II Allied pilots have repeatedly reported on meetings in the sky with fireballs

In nature, every hour, every minute there are phenomena that we do not know or know only what they are — and everything. And why do they exist, how come and go, this is not known. So to this day considered a mysterious phenomenon ball lightning, and any lightning at all.

During World War II Allied pilots have repeatedly reported on meetings in the sky with fireballs. Sometimes it seemed that the balls want to attack aircraft, so some pilots decided that the balls — the secret weapon of the Germans, and called them "ghost fighter".

"August 10, 1944 — American pilot reported — I was flying on a mission from Ceylon. In flight involved 50 aircraft. My plane flew last. We were flying at night at an altitude of 5000 m, the speed on the device was 330 km / h … Right arrows and the co-pilot reported the appearance of a strange object in the 500 meters from the right wing. Object has a spherical shape, its diameter was 1.5-2 m, and very bright, it glowed red-orange. It seemed that the object is vibrating all the time. Object followed us for about eight minutes, keeping a distance of 500 m Suddenly he made a sharp turn, increased speed and disappeared in the clouds above us. "

When January 7, 1948 at the Air Force base Godmen (Ky.) was seen in the sky object, resembling a ball of ice cream with a red top, many took it to be a fireball. Surprised just her size. In the air were raised four aircraft the F-51. Wing Commander Captain Thomas F. Mantel reported to the command post that the object is moving half the speed of his plane and is located directly below it.

"… I go to the convergence to better examine it — radioed Mantel. — It's right in front of me and flies are still twice slower than me … This piece by type metal and huge sizes. Now she climbs and goes at the same speed as me … Three hundred and sixty miles per hour. " Soon contact with him ceased. A few hours later the pilot's body was found among the wreckage near Fort Knox. What confronted Captain Mantel? With a fireball or a UFO? Or between the two there are serious differences?

Scientists still can not unravel the secrets of the fireballs. Even more surprising against the background of the "usual" look white colored fireballs. Thus, a student from Volgograd Agricultural Institute said: "Close to midnight started" dry thunderstorm. " I turned off the lamp and opened the window wide open. A few minutes later, I admired the magnificent sight … And so, after one particularly close thunderclap over a short distance flashed a big orange ball from a distance looked like a flashlight. First he boiled and bubbled. First one, then the other side of his swelled and burst, throwing dry blue sparks. Then the ball is "calm", he stopped spitting sparks, jump to the side and swam importantly, slow and straight.

I jumped out of the windows of our house, ran after the ball and soon caught up with him. He was about five feet in diameter and moved about ten meters above the ground. I stared at him, and I thought that it gradually from light orange became more and more dark orange and at the same time translucent. When flying it was getting dark and decreased in diameter. He moved very slowly, and I followed him slowly. Five minutes later, the ball suddenly disappeared. In this case, there was no noise. The ball just ceased to be visible, as it disappeared into the darkness … ".

In the 70 years of XX century in the Ulyanovsk region was hot summer and the beginning of a strong forest fires. Firefighters could not cope with quenching. The flames reached the border of the Samara region. And then one night, overcast sky with smoke above the forest lit flash blue. Firemen watched in amazement as the burning wood hung over the blue ball, the earth under their feet suddenly shuddered and roared like an earthquake. Ball changes color to red, and slowly floated over pine trees in the south-west. Fire brigade was thrown into the area to find the alleged mysterious ball, but the ball disappeared from observation in the vicinity of the cave owl's head. Expedition sent to the site of the mysterious disappearance of the world, found on the ground deep trenches, worked like a powerful machinery. Long trench was a few hundred meters, the trees and bushes were scattered around, and had on branches and trunks of the traces of fire, though the fire had not yet reached this part of the forest. According to the summary of meteorologists, thunderstorms that day was not there.

Surprised incident firefighters could not find an explanation of strange events. A fire meanwhile crept right to the trenches. But rather than spread across the ditch and move on, the fire stopped and turned back before reaching the caves of owl's head, which was located on the other side of the trench. After some time, the fire extinguished itself. It seems that someone (or something) saved Samara forests from destruction.

In addition to the colored ball lightning during thunderstorms observations recorded outbreak of so-called "Black Lightning." Resident of Zaria Chernigov region Stelmashuk watched "Black Lightning" when night in June 1959 near the village of a violent storm, "Lightning flashed incessantly, and the flash was very bright. I watched with interest in the direction of storm clouds and I could see how one and the same moment flashed one, another and another lightning. And the third was a dark brown, or nearly black. It is time to hold less white, but I just saw a dark brown ribbon. "

But not only fellow Stelmashuk saw "Black Lightning". In the story Kuprin "Black Lightning" hero Turchenko narrative gives a detailed description of an unusual phenomenon: "It was one of those terrible storms that occasionally break out over large lowlands. The sky does not flash of lightning, as though everything was shining their quivering blue, blue and bright white gloss … and suddenly this flickering lights of a blue sky with extraordinary clarity, I saw an immediate and dazzling black zipper … "In addition, in some pictures lightning lightning in a black color.

In a recently published book, "The Underground World" authors M. Yu Suprunenko Burleshin and spoke about the "dark ball lightning," which at times was observed near the Devil's clearing near Pskov. They write that "something dark gray", which arose from the ground, behaved "like a living, and even reasonable, although harmful beings," and then again "slowly absorbed into the ground, like a drop of ink in a blotter" .

What is today recognized as valid? First, the researchers 'canonized' portrait of an average ball lightning — it rarely occurring form of lightning, representing a spherical or pear-shaped body with a diameter of 10-20 cm and more, are usually formed after the linear lightning strike. There is one second to several minutes. There is no doubt in its ability to radiate, hit an electric charge, go into grounded electric conductors and emerge from them. But, nevertheless, has accumulated a lot of evidence that the "behavior" of the ball and even linear lightning does not fit the general idea, and thus the study of their progress.

In nature, every hour, every minute there are phenomena that we do not know or know only what they are

One squad Tselinograd branch of the Institute of Soil Science held soil-geographical studies in Kustanai region. In Semiozernom area researchers have encountered a very interesting natural phenomenon. Doing normal daily route, the squad stopped for the night in the forest — a few dozen kilometers from the nearest village. After dinner, the evening campfire ranger came and told him about the strange wandering lights that appear every night in the forest. He offered to see them, and led to the place of soil scientists. Indeed, on a low hill, they saw fireballs. Decided to examine them closely. Arrived. Fire points were balls yellow-red size 30 — 35 inches. That night, two of these scientists saw the ball. Morning carefully inspected the place where the mysterious moving balls, but no trace on the soil and vegetation were found.
About two weeks later, they again spent the night in the same place, and again saw the red and yellow balls. Three balls! They appear and disappear, then re-flashed. The distance by which to move the lights was about six kilometers. We also managed to find out that the yellow-red balls appear on the crest of the weather — and in clear and rainy. But high above the ground, they will never rise — usually no more than 50 meters.

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