Combat power under heaven to whom are Chinese army?

Combat power under heaven to whom are Chinese army?
Resigning Premier Wen Jiabao threw mysterious phrase: «the army has increased the ability to follow their own historic mission.» What kind of mission on the mind of China, it is not clear, but it is clear: in 2013 its military expenditures amount to $ 115.6 billion more for defense only wasting dollars (633 billion dollars), Our homeland has ceded China (70 billion). What is still a large Chinese military budget? This writes Sergei Osipov at AIF.
According to Vladimir Yevseyev, Director Center for Public Policy research, the number of Chinese army — 2.25 million people. In service consist of more than 2 thousand combat aircraft, armored vehicles 4.5 thousand, and 8580 tanks. More than 2 thousand of them — the new machines «Type 99» chassis which looks suspiciously like a Russian T-90, and the tower — the South American «Abrams». While the Russian armed forces ahead of the Chinese in all parameters, except for the number of personnel.
«But our homeland is rapidly losing these advantages both in the number of vehicles, and on its modernity — said the expert. — If re-programm of our army will continue to stagnate, by 2015-2020. China will overtake us on the level of technical equipment.
But maybe we should not be afraid, and China’s military power? Suddenly a «historic mission» there was something else in mind — say, joining Taiwan? Maybe, but certainly some very alarming «coincidence.» According to Alexander Khramchikhin, deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, «frontal armor of modern Chinese BMP obviously sharpened on it to withstand hit 30-millimeter shells and board — 14.5-millimeter bullet. By coincidence events first number — caliber gun Russian BMP-2, and the second — the same gun Russian BTR. Other states, including the United States and Taiwan, their standards. » Does that mean that the Chinese comrades to wage war is not going with them, and with us? The whole question — when …

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