Comet C/2013 A1. What will the 2014 Mars?

And again on the recently discovered Comet C/2013 A1 . Discovered this year, it has managed to grow a speculation, conjecture and biggest fears. Her encounter with Mars forecast for October 2014. Is this likely to happen? And most importantly, what are the implications of a possible colossal explosion at the "Red Planet"?

A large comet may encounter with Mars in October next year. It was discovered on January 3 employees Observatory in Australia. Then the Americans found her on older pictures, which helped refine the orbit of a celestial body.

Against the backdrop of reports of threats from outer space — close passage of another asteroid, meteorite fall — another similar news hardly inspires concern for the inhabitants of the earth. This is not about our planet, and on Mars.

Comet C/2013 A1 is a Collision Course to Mars. According to its luminosity determined that its diameter must be many times more than other comets — up to 50 km, and the collision if it happens, will be just grand. The flash from the impact will be clearly visible from the Earth, if the "cosmic accident" happens to turned to her side of Mars. On the Red Planet has to stay "scar" — a crater with a diameter of 500 km.

Witnessed a similar phenomenon for the first time, astronomers were in 1994, when the comet Shoemaker-Levy fell into Jupiter. With its powerful gravity of the planet approaches the comet broke into pieces, and the input of each fragment in the atmosphere caused a bright flash. The event was known in advance to seconds. At that time Jupiter was turned to the other side of the world, but the spectacle recorded NASA "Galileo", looked at the side of the planet. After a few hours of "wounded" side of Jupiter turned to the earth, and became visible giant dark red scars that are not held for several weeks. This greatly puzzled scientists because it is believed that Jupiter's no solid surface.

The fall of a large body on Mars would also be very interesting for science, says Head. Department of the Institute of Astronomy Dmitry Wiebe:

"Crash, would shed light on the mystery of Martian meteorites. Meteorites found on Earth that its parameters are similar to Martian material. It is unclear how this stuff flies away from the surface of Mars. If there is a collision, we can observe this process in action. From the point of view of the problems asteroids and comets interesting to see how such events are held on the body, which by weight is not much different from the Earth. "

However, since the discovery of the comet was less than 80 days. This is too small for accurate calculations, certain leading researcher of the Institute of Physical Sciences Sergey Bogachev:

"If Mars and Earth — big bodies, their orbits are well known, asteroids and comets difficult to forecast. For information on them can only be a week or two ahead. When people talk about the timing for the year ahead, there is a great deal of uncertainty. In this case, the forecast about Mars far, and it's an unlikely scenario. "

Department Head of the Institute of Astronomy, Oleg Malkov noticed that on the leading astronomical portals like says nothing about the coming of the comet collision with Mars:

"Legitimate portals nonsense are not engaged. I have a suspicion that this is premature, and she started a tantrum is not scientific and pseudo-scientific circles. "

Indeed, the approximate calculations of astronomers show that the comet will fly at 109 thousand km from the center of Mars and the probability of a collision — a chance in 1060. Will we see a beautiful rare spectacle? Hard to believe. But there is no doubt that the portals to post information about upcoming cataclysm will have time to make good money on advertising clicks and "likes."

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