Committee of the U.S. Congress is considering the Act on Democracy in Belarus

Today, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Congress will consider the "Act on democracy in Belarus." On Wednesday, the document has been approved by one of the subcommittees.

"Falsification of elections on December 19 2010 and the pressure on pro-democracy activists and independent journalists Lukashenko dictatorship underscore the need for such a document, "- said the author of the bill, Congressman Christopher Smith.

A few days ago, the U.S. Congress is considering the extension of the "Act on Democracy in Belarus" — the law passed in 2004. "Act on Democracy in Belarus" is intended to promote democratic development, human rights and the rule of law in Belarus, as well as to support the assertion and strengthening the independence of the country. Law provides for the allocation of the necessary assistance to non-governmental organizations and independent media, and the expansion of international exchanges.

In his speech, Congressman Smith said that the bill provides for support of radio, television and Internet broadcasting to Belarus as "Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty," "Voice of America", "European Radio for Belarus"And the satellite channel" Belsat ".

According to Smith, the most important thing is that the bill supports targeted sanctions. It prohibits visiting U.S. senior officials of Belarus, their immediate families, as well as others involved in violations of human rights and anti-democracy, including and those who participated in the dispersal of the shares on December 19.

In addition, the bill prohibits the financing of the U.S. projects of the Belarusian state, except for humanitarian supplies and agricultural products and medical supplies. The Bill also provides for the freezing of assets belonging to members of the senior management of Belarus or their home, as well as persons involved in the fight against democracy, but their families.

The bill requires the Department of State to submit to Congress about the sale and supply of arms Belarusian regime, information about the personal wealth of Lukashenko and the Belarusian government's cooperation with any foreign government or entity associated with censorship or restriction of the internet.

The proposed amendments to the existing law, change its name — the proposed name "Belarus Democracy and Human Rights", are also offered 6 new items, which are described in more detail human rights violations in Belarus after December 19 2010.

The document also calls for the International Ice Hockey Federation not to hold the 2014 World Cup in Minsk, unless political prisoners are released.

Also, the amendment procedure ustanavlyae report Belarusian arms trade.

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