Company CAPAJ (Greece-Russia) has launched production plant in Labe Slovyansk


CAPAJ Ukraine — Ukraine's first plant materials using sulfonated film reactor, the launch of which took place in the early summer of 2011. The company is located in the industrial area of SLAVIANSKA.

The purpose CAPAJ Ukraine is to meet the needs of industrial enterprises producing detergents as well as companies engaged in their provision and distribution of surface-active substances.

The company is the only manufacturer of Labe in Ukraine. The production capacity of the company is 45,000 tons per year Elbe.

The company's plans — starting line for the production of sodium lauryl sulfate 2-ethoxylate (SLES) using film reactor.

By concentrating its efforts on the production of the company at the same time highlighted the task to expand markets, offering its customers the best individual conditions.

We invite all interested organizations and companies to cooperate!


Elbe — linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid.
Physical characteristics

Appearance at 20 ° C: Brown viscous liquid
Chromaticity (mass fraction of 5%) by the Klett 40 ed.max
Density at 30 ° C: 1,03 — 1,04 g/cm3
The viscosity at 20 ° C: 1900 cs
Chemical Characteristics

Active substance: 96% min
The average molecular weight: 323
Nesulfiruemye in the islands: 2,5% max
Sulfates: 1,0% max
Water: 0,8% max
Elbe is made of 2-phenyl isomer LAB brand Detal

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