Company Incotec Cargo shipped separator for Serbia

The company "Incotec CARGO" shipped on board the ship "Russian" in the port of Rostov-on-Don, a hot low-pressure separator weighing 42 tons for the refinery, "Petroleum Industry of Serbia" (NIS), which is being built in the Serbian town of Pancevo, with the participation of OAO "Gazprom Neft "..


This product is supplied under a contract with JSC "Uralkhimmash" expected loading in the port of Rostov on February 1, 2012. The reason for the delay was the most severe ice conditions prevailing in the Azov Sea in the period from 12 to 29 February 2012 due to abnormal for the region frosts. In connection with this, the ice edge in the Kerch Strait, waiting icebreaking stuck more than 100 vessels.

Ship "Russian citizen" was one of the first Russian ships escaped from ice captivity in the Azov Sea and moored in the port of Rostov-on-Don. Now the ship will have a difficult transition to the icebreaker escort the Sea of Azov to the port of Constanta, where the separator will overload the barge and transported on the Danube River to the town of Pancevo.

 However, that the difficulties caused by the abnormal cold weather does not stop there. From February 6, for the same reason, difficult ice conditions stopped shipping on the Danube River. As a result, the Port of Constanta since the beginning of February, waiting to be sent in Pancevo most oversized product of the party — the rich amine flash drum, weighing 55 tons, a length of over 15 meters, and the height and width of 4.5 and 5 meters, respectively.

 Meanwhile, a favorable weather forecast gives hope that in the near future navigation on the Danube would be renewed and transportation of oversized equipment will be completed.  

Company Incotec CARGO transports oversized equipment for the construction of a hydrocracking and hydrotreating unit at the refinery in Pancevo (Serbia) under a contract with JSC "Uralkhimmash", concluded in December 2010. The total tonnage of equipment that the company "Incotec CARGO" will transport from Yekaterinburg to Serbia will amount to 1.2 million tons.

The construction of a hydrocracking and hydrotreating unit at the refinery in Pancevo was launched in June 2010 as part of the modernization process of refining capacity, "Petroleum Industry of Serbia" (NIS), a majority of which (51%) belongs to the "Gazprom oil". Total investment in the project of modernization of the company is 500 million euros by 2012. Launch complex is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2012.


Company Incotec Cargo is one of the leaders on the Russian market of transport heavy and oversized cargo. The assets Incotec CARGO hundreds of unique operations to the transport of heavy and oversized loads. It transportation equipment for the project Sea Launch, for the construction of nuclear power plants in India Kudankulamskoy, for the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran, Tianwan NPP in China, GK "Rosenergoatom", petrochemical plants, "Gazprom Neft", "Surgutneftegaz", OJSC "TANECO", LLC KINEF " Salavatnefteorgsintez "and many others.

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