Competition for journalists and bloggers, telling about the industry

Moscow journalist fund participation in information education program "Expedition to the industrial Russia" holds a competition for young journalists and bloggers covering the issues of industrial development of Russia.


All-Russian competition for young journalists




The objectives of the competition

• Increase interest of young journalists to the development of Russian industry.
• Promoting a wider youth audience of high-quality media content on the modernized and innovative Russian industrial enterprises.


 Participants invited young journalists of print and electronic media, bloggers who write on topics of industrial development of Russia.

The competition has four categories:

 Best TV material

The best radio program

Best Print Publication

Best Internet publication

The winner in each category is awarded a cash prize of 15,000 rubles.

 Works are accepted until September 1, 2012.

Conditions of competition

 The contest "MEDIAprom" is to collect the best of the young professional and citizen journalists (bloggers, people interested in journalism) on general and specific issues of contemporary Russian industry and their resolution, the development of various sectors of industrial production, the achievements of Russian companies and enterprises.

 The competition will be provided with materials that meet the theme and objectives of the call, published or broadcast in the local, regional or national media since June 2011:

 — television programs, video or program;

— Materials radio air time;

— stories, essays, analytical articles, interviews in the print media;

— publication in the online publications or blogs.

Unpublished materials for the competition are not allowed.

Set of bidding documents include:

1.Anketu party
2.Konkursnuyu work executed in accordance with the terms of the competition.

Participants can submit their materials of any genre into one or more declared nominations total of no more than 5 projects. Should a party materials in a different category is filled Application Form, which specifies the name of the category and works in each category.

Requirements for registration of works

Each work must include the name and surname of the author, the title of the material, publication date (day, month, year), published the name of its publication (TV / radio / site).

When applying for the contest TV and radio participant sends a job in a compressed file format RAR or ZIP, a reference to the broadcast online TV channel or radio station (if any). If competitive work is the product of teamwork and creativity, the party submitting it to the contest must obtain the consent of all members of the creative team.

When a print publication Parties provide the text of a Word document with reference to the publication of online media (if any). In the absence of the media site participant must attach to work with the file as a PDF or JPEG image with the publication in the print media.

When applying for the competition online — Content of the text is sent in Word format with reference to the publication in the online media.

The organizers are not liable for infringement of third party rights. The works submitted to the contest are not reviewed and returned. Submission of materials for the competition is seen as acceptance of the contestants with the terms of the contest organizers.

Dates of competition

The bids and materials furnished in accordance with the requirements of the competition are being accepted by e-mail at In the subject line indicate: "MEDIAprom."

Works are accepted until September 1, 2012.

Materials submitted after the deadline for the competition is not allowed.

Evaluation of entries

Consideration konkusnyh materials shall jury formed by the organizer of the contest — Moscow journalist Fund ("Moszhurfond"). In assessing the work is taken into account:

— that the content of entries theme and objectives of the call;

—  the value of and interest in materials for a wide youth audience;

— originality, creative component of the brightness of performance, quality and accessibility of presentation.

Summing up the results and award winners

Results will be announced September 30, 2012.

The winner is selected in each category. Proceedings of the winners is widely posted on the Internet on thematically — and other relevant resources.

The winner in each category is awarded a cash prize of 15,000 rubles.

The competition organizers have the right to a non-profit publication of any works submitted to the contest, without notice and without paying the authors them any compensation.


Participant application form can be downloaded here 2bp8jtm7QePagl% 2fZjdA% 3d% 3d 


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