Complaint journalist BelaPAN not satisfied

Mogilev Regional Court dismissed the complaint correspondent information company "BelaPAN" Laptsevich Vladimir Lenin District Court against the verdict of Mogilev. March 28 Judge Irina Lanchava punished the family of the journalist days of administrative arrest.

Laptsevich found guilty of disorderly conduct. According to the verdict, a journalist foul language, waving his arms to the comments policemen did not respond, and when he resisted arrest.

Today considered a complaint by Vladimir Laptsevich judge of the regional court Svetlana Martynov and found no grounds to deal with it.

"I did not expect a different verdict. Doubtful that the regional court upheld a complaint. Court profitable to leave things as they are, because they fear the consequences of a positive verdict for me. And Lenin District Court verdict, and today — Regional unjust and illegal. Detention and I attribute sentence with his journalistic activities. Here is easily visible political implications. I was going to cover the special event of local opposition, timed to the Day of Freedom. police did not let him hold and detained participants, "- said Vladimir Laptsevich sentence.

March 25 Vladimir Laptsevich detained in the central street of Mogilev — Lenin. Two policemen, according to court Laptsevich without explanation ordered him to go to the service bus. When he refused, he was carried on there hands. Three days before the court reporter held in the detention center.

Besides Vladimir Laptsevich on Lenin have detained eight people. Chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov Judge Stanislav Shenderovich punished by five days of administrative arrest on the same charges as Laptsevich. The others were released without accounting protocols.

April 14th Regional Court also rejected a complaint by Dmitry Solovyov. Judge Nicholas Smooth found no reason to deal with it.

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