Composite: tests on seismic reinforcement (video)

In late June, commissioned by the Holding Company "Composite" in the test range of "26 CRI" on the border between Russia and Finland, the first phase of testing on seismic stability of two pieces of reinforced concrete buildings. One of the samples was amplified The reinforcement system of carbon ribbons.

Organization engaged in seismic tests leading institute Emergencies — Civil Defense Institute commissioned by the Holding Company "Composite".

The experiment was conducted on a single shake table in Russia SCD-300. It comprises a metal box structure 30 m long and 12 m wide, which is movable platform measuring 18 meters by 7 meters. The stand is equipped with a mechanical system with pneumatic pushers. They define the essential tremor amplitude and frequency. Shake table capable of playing seismic loads up to 10 points by the school MSK.

The test program was supposed 20 cycles of mechanical stress on the parts of the building. The test structures were elements of prefabricated frame buildings. They consisted of columns, beams and hollow core slabs, characteristic of typical building buildings. One fragment was amplified Carbon ribbons.

The samples were installed 68 sensors. They recorded the movement and deformation of building structures as a result of artificial earthquake of 3 to 9.5 points on a scale MSK.

"Under the influence of force pushes in 6 points in a fragment of the building, not carbon-fiber reinforced, began to collapse columns, formed longitudinal cracks along the compressed fittings. In support of one of the columns appeared transverse crack. Also, there was a displacement of floor slabs to each other and bolt. As soon as the shock force reached 9.5 points — not reinforced construction collapsed ", — said Head of new product development in construction Tatiana Lyagusha. While the amplified sample, she said, "after all 20 dynamic effects has not received any defects or damaged columns, beams and slabs."

The second phase of testing on seismic stability of buildings of brick fragments in the test site Of "26 CRI" held in mid-August.

The results of the tests will be developed standard solutions albums on seismic design of reinforced concrete and masonry structures composite materials based on carbon fiber.

Holding "Composite" engaged in the production of composite materials based on carbon fiber. Composites are used in various industries, including, in the building industry. One of the most promising developments of the holding — The reinforcement system of carbon ribbons FibARM, which is used to reinforce buildings and structures. Especially important application of this technology in seismic regions.


Holding company "Composite"Established with the aim of forming composite materials market in Russia in 2009.In a vertically integrated holding company are the State Corporation "Rosatom" for the production of high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber — LLC "Argon", LLC "ZUKM." As well as plant polyacrylonitrile fiber "Company" Composite-Fiber "and CJSC" Prepreg-SKM "engaged in the manufacture of fabrics made of carbon fiber and high quality prepregs.These materials are used in the aircraft industry, construction, automobile, shipbuilding, etc. Among the challenges facing the holding company, the creation of high-performance environmentally safe production of carbon fiber and its products on the basis of innovative technologies for continuous and discontinuous fibers.Holding company "Composite" is planning to take a leading position in engineering, manufacturing and sales of composite materials of new generation and to meet the needs of domestic enterprises a new generation of composite materials.

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