Concern Constellation will produce 100 base and 9600 4G subscriber stations under the brand «AstraMAX»


Concern "Constellation" (Voronezh) is ready for mass production of telecommunications equipment under the brand 4G «AstraMAX», reported in the department of industry in the region.

They noted that the company "Constellation" has developed and certified mobile WiMAX standard equipment under the brand name «AstraMAX» and conducted a successful test of this equipment in a pilot area of Voronezh.

According to representatives of the Department, this project has national significance, allowing you to solve a number of important tasks. This includes improving the efficiency of public administration and local government, as well as the creation of basic elements of the formation of the cluster of domestic production and the provision of telecommunications services.

According to the press center of the "Constellations", the experienced district deployed in Voronezh, and in one of the regional centers of the Voronezh region. The test area is a network management center and 5 sites (7 sectors). Testing is conducted in a test area using a mobile laboratory WiLAB, founded in concern "Constellation". With the company expects that the first production batch of equipment — 100 base and subscriber stations 9600 — will be made by November 2010. And since the beginning of 2011, the concern will be ready to produce at 200 base stations and 10,000 subscribers every month.

Concern "Constellation" (head office is located in Voronezh) has about two dozen defense industry ties, specializing in designing and manufacturing systems, and communications systems for military and civilian purposes. The turnover of the concern "Constellation" is about 10 billion rubles a year.

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