Concern KRET concluded with Canada’s Esterline CMC Electronics license agreement.

As part of the international aerospace show "Le Bourget 2013" Concern
"Radio-electronic technology" (KRET) SC Rostekhnadzor concluded with the Canadian
by Esterline CMC Electronics licensing agreement for the production of
Doppler velocity and drift (DISS) CMA-2012C.

The equipment will be manufactured on the basis of entering the KRET Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau (UKBP). Own production Diss Concern provide another critical competence in the field of advanced integrated avionics systems (avionics).

Diss — onboard radar apparatus for automatic and continuous measuring and indicating the velocity vector components, the module ground speed, and drift angle coordinate helicopter using the Doppler effect. Diss has a high positioning accuracy, is not sensitive to climatic conditions, off-line measures the speed of the helicopter on the basis of three indicators, improving navigation performance of the aircraft. Diss CMA-2012C is designed for use in military and civil engineering. The equipment works equally well when flying and maneuvering the helicopter as the water and on land.

"Sensor CMA-2012C is lighter and smaller than all existing analogues in the world, is not inferior to them in the specifications, — said General Director Nikolai Makarov UKBP. — Thanks to a licensing agreement with a Canadian partner, we can offer domestic manufacturers of helicopters full range of modern facilities and avionics systems, combined in an integrated solution. "

«CMA-2012C — the result of 50 years of work by Esterline CMC Electronics in Doppler speed sensors and navigation systems — the president of Canada's Greg Yeldon. — Today it is the most accurate and reliable measurement of linear velocity and navigation of all on the market. "

As previously reported, KRET actively forming new model offers in the domestic market of Aviation. Focusing under control leading Russian software development centers and manufacturing facilities and avionics systems, strive to become a concern for aircraft and helicopter industry a comprehensive supplier of integrated solutions ready-made avionics. To date KRET already has critical technologies for the production of key components of avionics, including radar and navigation equipment, comprehensive management system, toplivoizmereniya, indication and alarm sensors aerometry, vibration and pressure.

Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau (UKBP) — one of the leading Russian aviation industry, which has its own research, design, testing, production and technological base. Specializing in the design and manufacture of integrated flight control and navigation systems, UKBP supplies products for all types of military and civilian aircraft.

Products UKBP comes in 80 countries. UKBP is one of the budget-making enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region. During 2012 sales of 3 billion rubles, net profit from sales — 441 million rubles, the average wage reached 34.4 thousand at the average number of employees in 1238 people.

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