Concern Schwabe. Swiss optics, in fact, Russian!

1837. Swiss citizen Theodore Schwabe opens in Moscow firm.
Shop sells glasses and optical instruments, drawn from abroad, and soon appears at the Kuznetsk bridge and a private workshop.
Theodore changes name to Theodore and decides to stay in Russia.
In 10 years the master Schwabe produce all known at the time of optical instruments, including orders for the imperial household.
The manufacturer is going through the Crimean and Russian-Turkish War, World War I, two of the revolution and nationalization.
To keep the company at the beginning of the Second World War the factory was evacuated to Sverdlovsk. Joining him in the rear sent 10,000 workers and their families.
In 1964, the company gets a new name — Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant. Since then, he — the world leader in optics for aviation.
In 1988, at the height of perestroika, UOMZ expanding production and relies not only on the military but also civilian products. That is what makes the plant in 90 years.
Today, traffic lights, made in the Urals, stand at the crossroads of Europe, infant incubators have saved millions of children's lives around the world, street lights illuminate the people the way home.
A high-quality optical systems for aircraft still protect the safety of the country.
Today the products of concern "Schwabe" buy 83 countries around the world.
Including Switzerland, where he came from Theodore Schwabe.
In the nearest plans of the group — a conclusion shares on international stock exchange.

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