Concern Tractor plants continues the large-scale modernization


Machine-Building-Industrial Group "Concern" Tractor plants "systematically pursuing transformation of enterprises. In the next decade, until the end of the transition period for entry into the WTO, the concern must be to complete the upgrade of production. It is a pledge remain competitive. Therefore, the strategic goal of Concern, according to Alexander Titov, Deputy General Director of Concern "Tractor Plants" for production, this production technique, in no way inferior to foreign analogues.

These products are designed. But for their release must complete modernization initiated by Concern in previous years. In particular, during the period from 2012 to 2017 are planned to invest billions to build capacity for new products. The focus will then be placed on the introduction of "soft technologies" that will overcome the "inherited" the dependence of plants on technology designed to produce single product.


One of the directions of modernization — the expansion of the park laser equipment for cutting sheet metal. Concern as plants are going to gradually move away from automatic lines. Systems of machines arranged in a specific sequence to produce a single piece more suited for the automotive industry, where the assembly line go hundreds of similar cars a day. In the production of tractors, excavators, harvesters and machinery, it is necessary to understand the other volumes. And the old scheme of "one plant — one tractor model" now is not working.

Already this year, PromTraktor will be installed and commissioned 8 new manufacturing systems for complex body parts (2 more such machines will arrive on the PEA). This is the most advanced vertical and horizontal machining centers firm Doosan. In machines high performance and accuracy.

And begin work on implementation of robots. In the first such complex to come Promtractor and Promtractor car, where they are in demand in welding operations. For a complex new challenges for the Group's established group robotics. At the moment, this team of engineers gain experience in businesses and learn production.

The commissioning of new equipment requires a large influx of highly skilled workers. And in the first place — the youth with higher technical education, which is easier to learn technologies of the XXI century.

"Concern" Tractor plants "right now, with a focus on long-term outlook, put into action programs to attract new staff. For example, in the city of Cheboksary develop strong partnerships with a number of schools. There is close cooperation with the Chuvash State University and an electro-mechanical college. In addition, the Company is implementing a program for the payment of stipends most outstanding school students.

In Kurgan held professional competitions, forums for young workers. Engaged and incentive measures: on Kurganmashzavod is a one-time supplement to those who, having served in the Russian Army, he returned to the factory.

Machine-Building-Industrial Group "Concern" Tractor plants "is one of the largest integrators of Russian science and technology, industrial, technological and financial resources in engineering, both in Russia and abroad. In the management of machine-building, an industrial holding company has more than 20 major companies located in 10 regions of the Russian Federation (Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territories, Volgograd, Vladimir, Lipetsk and Kurgan regions, Chuvashia, Karelia and the Republic of Mordovia, Moscow), and in Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Serbia and Ukraine. 


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