Concern Tractor plants summed up 2012

Concern "Tractor plants" told what it was in 2012 for the company.

  • 192 people in 2012 paid a business visit "Promtractor" 162 visitor — the buyers or agents operating technique CHETRA Russian enterprises, a large group of journalists from Moscow, Kazan, Cheboksary and Novocheboxarsk.
  • 17% of the increase in volume of production achieved Enterprise Concern "Tractor plants" in 2012 compared to 2011. The main credit for this achievement belongs divisions military and railway equipment.
  • 96 pieces of equipment purchased and installed at the enterprises of the holding in 2012. This is nearly twice the rate of 2011 (unit 52). Another 297 pieces of equipment have been modernized and renovated.
  • 25 innovative ideas submitted foreman "Promtractor" A. Kiselev in 2012. Second and third place in the unofficial competition took technologist of "PEA" V. Sharonov (16 offers) and the head of tehbyuro CDP Kurgan L. Novikova (7 offers).
  • 655 innovations submitted to the employees of Concern "Tractor Plants" for 2012. And 291 are introduced into production. The greatest economic effect — almost two million rubles — from the introduction of fixed supply chief of the technical direction of "PEA" Michael Kvasnikova.
  • Ambassadors of 4 countries, including South Sudan, Ethiopia, India and Palestine, visited in 2012 holding companies. In addition, plants with a study tour visited by representatives of seven major foreign companies, including those from Italy, Algeria, Belarus, Iraq, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.
  • First machinery manufacturing enterprises "Tractor plants" was sent to Cuba. Thus, Liberty Island was the farthest point where machines are running Concern.
  • 132 harvester AGROMASH-Yenisei 1200 2012 delivered to the countries of the CIS. He became the most popular machine "Tractor plants" foreign consumers. Second and third places were taken by a bulldozer CHETRA T20 (53 units) and tracked agricultural tractor AGROMASH 90TG (46 units).
  • The most demanded by consumers were tracked bulldozer — CHETRA T-11 and its modifications. Technology for the brand CHETRA (T-20, TM-140, T-40, T-35) held a presentation in almost all regions of Russia, made her press tour in Cheboksary, Novocheboxarsk, Moscow and Kazan.
  • The most distant regions where the operate tracked vehicles "Tractor plants" — Far East and Kamchatka.
  • Best selling model freight cars produced "Promtractor Wagon" was a standard open-top car model 12-1302, the supply of which in Kazakhstan grew by almost 4 times.
  • In the rail direction Concern can note several positive trends:
  • — increase in revenues from external customers amounted to no less than 30%;

  • — increase in sales volume of freight cars — not less than 25% in volume terms (over 6,000 pieces) and nearly 39% — in money;

  • — increase in sales of components for freight cars increased by 23.6%.
  • Caterpillars — the most popular goods bought the company's customers' CHKZCH. " The three leaders headed parts bulldozer CHETRA T35 and universal tractor DT-75, the precursor AGROMASH 90TG. In total caterpillars occupy almost 25% of total turnover of the main supplier of components technology Concern.
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