Confectionery Shop human flesh!

In Britain, which has always been famous for its culture, restraint and adequacy, opened an incredibly strange and shocking and pastry shop "Shop of human flesh." Everybody can come back and ask for any part of the body "culinary products …"

've Been thinking whether to add this article to a website or not. Painfully disgusting … pregnant women and children — just do not watch. Everyone else — decide for yourself.

Miss Keyhed owner of the establishment is selling cupcakes in a bloody human heart, cakes in the form of severed fingers and other confectionery products made out by the human organs.

But this was not enough for her and she began to produce products Styled under the skin affected by various diseases, including genitals and nails.

This store has a large network of retail outlets throughout England. Calls itself the owner of their products — and creativity in general it is certain that all of this is and helps educate the public.

Watch Humans Butchery — Shop human flesh


Oh, there was something wrong going on in the minds of people. Whether zombies so scared of all, whether people are preparing for something …

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