Conquerors / Conquerors (4 movies) Watch online

Conquerors / Conquerors (4 movies) Watch online
Famous rulers, the famous military leaders, seers and sages who obey the nations and empires. What is the secret of their boundless power and untold successes on the battlefield and in the political game? True whether the record, depicting them greedy despots? Before you exciting stories majestic conquerors.

1. Lofty Alexander / Alexander The Great. His turbulent life and mysterious death wrapped in legends and stories. The scion of Philip of Macedon and Olympia, raised by Aristotle, Alexander became king in stately 20 years. A brilliant military commander, who was not aware of defeats, he easily conquered half the world. And although they made empire collapsed immediately after his death, his fame forever remained for centuries. Until now, the fate of his mind-boggling admiration and envy.

2. Suleiman Beautiful / Suleyman The Magnificent. The Western world believed the Turkish Sultan Suleiman the violent savage, but the famous Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, called perfect, was well-educated ruler, military commander and poet. He gave his subjects autonomy and religious freedom, made Istanbul the largest city of medieval Europe and the very limits of their powers expanded, reaching Vienna and Morocco. What was the secret power of Suleiman the Beautiful? Why is he so hated the Crusaders? Let us look for answers to these questions in the maze of stories …

3. Peter Lofty / Peter The Great. Sonorous name and the famous deeds of Peter Lofty known municipal figures of Russia, are known in the world. The rapid and dramatic period of his rule was an important milestone in Russian history. Peter's reforms have affected the whole of society — from reputable boyars to ordinary farmers. He transformed the Metropolitan Government of the Russian Empire, powerful nation, whose capital was founded by him Saint — Petersburg.

4. Napoleon Bonaparte / Napoleon Bonaparte. Historians say that Napoleon Bonaparte was an excellent opportunist with an unquenchable thirst for power. He realized that the offspring of the provincial nobleman will be able to rise only by a miracle or his own genius. But impracticable up! In 1800, Napoleon made himself king, and soon conquered almost all of Europe. For 20 years, the incomparable French strategist and professional politician has gone from pravitelskogo throne before the expulsion of the peninsula holy Lena. Who was the famous Napoleon Bonaparte — minion of fortune or calculating vlastolyubtsem? Let's look at the pages of history …

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