Constituents maneuvers Northern Eagle will start in the Norwegian Sea

In the Norwegian Sea begin naval exercises "North eagle. "They are involved ships of 3 states — Russia, the U.S. and Norway. day or four sailors will be taught jointly combating piracy and terrorism. Also, crews will work techniques help in distress.

For a small, even by Norwegian standards, the northern town of Buda visit Russian military ship — a huge event. Hundreds of local residents dumped on the embankment, so that our eyes behold the anti-Russian ship. Our navigators, using the rather short stay in the port, managed to get around the souvenir shops, stocked with gifts and took a photo as a souvenir.

At that time, senior officers refined the details of future maritime maneuvers. "North Eagle "- a tripartite exercise, where in addition to our anti-submarine ship" Admiral Chabanenko ", participates Norwegian North Cape and South American destroyer Farragut. Any one of them alternately take over command of the international group.

"North Eagle "- the only naval exercises of the Russian Federation, the United States and Norway, which allows the military to fulfill different tasks. Their experience is exchanged between the sailors and pilots. Norwegian officers were asked to provide 10's features Russian helicopter. They are interested in everything: the length, the magnitude of the blades and equipped weight. It is possible that at the step of the search engine maneuvers our Ka-27 sits on the board the Norwegian ship.

Also in the plans of command — to spend the night in the Norwegian Sea firing of the main naval guns. During a search operation in the civilian ship together Posad Russian marines and South American special forces. If the weather will allow, to join naval aviation group: from our side — SU-33, with Norwegian airfields — F-16 fighters.

Commanders have agreed that during exercise on board, "Admiral Chabanenko" will be several NATO officers. Russian sailors will visit the command bridge of South American destroyer — the better to be aware of each other, to know how to act in the real world.

Trilateral naval exercises have been held for a fourth time. The results of today's teachings fail already in Severomorsk. At the invitation of Russian commanders foreign ships participating will make a visit to the main base of the Northern Fleet.

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