Constructors’ military-industrial complex have created chassis Crimea with a hybrid power plant for future APCs

"Military-Industrial Company" in the framework of the research, the code "Crimea", developed and tested a wheeled machine with a hybrid power plant and electric transmission based on the BTR-90 "Sprout".

The work was carried out for the Ministry of Defence.

The results of research trials are impressive professionals. When the engine power by almost 1.5 times lower than that of the prototype experimental model of a hybrid armored vehicle showed the best results. 

On the runway Cuban airfield, 22-ton model sample overclocked to a speed of 80 km / h in 33 seconds. The maximum speed was 97 km / h!

Overcoming the steep rise of 30 ° Further, wheeler, according to the requirements specification has overcome trench width of 2 meters, 50 centimeter vertical wall and the rise with a slope of 30 degrees.

Then the "Crimean" with the hitch on the tow BTR-80, overcame rise with a slope of 15 degrees and hauled him at 48 km / h on a dirt road.

But that's not all. Fuel distance when traveling at 40 km / h (speed of the mixed columns) was 940 km, which is almost one and a half more than the prototype, with an equal volume of the fuel tanks.

"Crimea" was unfolding on the dry concrete around its axis! Eight-meter turning radius of 3.8 meters armored personnel carriers. This maneuver can not be repeated, no armored car in the world.

Chief Specialist for electrical equipment of the Directorate of Strategic Development "Military-Industrial Company" project manager "Crimea" — Victor Rudin,
provided IA "Rosinformbyuro" Device Data promising armored vehicles.

The experimental sample made on a "serial hybrid". Electric transmission is based on a "motor-axis."

The main component parts of the model sample included:
1. The body and chassis.
As the prototype was designated BTR-90, and creating an experimental sample was transferred to the customer chassis prototype of the BTR-90 (body, chassis).

2. Control System (CICS motion) — hardware and software tool designed for:
— Traffic control sample;
— Technical diagnostics of electronic and electrical systems;
— The protection of electrical equipment.

3. The hybrid power plant, comprising: an internal combustion engine — diesel JAMZ 650.10-production of "JAMZ" with capacity limited to 360 hp generator valve inductor traction and energy storage unit.
Inductor traction generator valve has the following features. Due to the fact that it is made controllable electromagnetic, ie with the field winding, facilitated coordination with the combustion engine that allows you to select the optimal mode of internal combustion engines. This in turn significantly increases the lifetime of the internal combustion engine.
Also has a built-in generator rotor position sensor, ie, a reversible electric machine that allows you to realize the function of engine start-up as a starter motor, and as a consequence, the modes "start — stop" and "engine brake".

Energy storage unit is modular electrochemical capacitors production of "Elton."

4. Electric transmission consists of a distributed microprocessor-based control systems, development and production of NPF "Vector", the power converters of electric energy, development and production of NPP "Series +"; eight traction motors.

Distributed microprocessor control system implements the laws of drive control — in this case, the vector (direct torque control) and allows software to implement all the active safety systems — ABS, PBS, ESP (redistribution moment at individual wheels depending on driving conditions), "cruise Control "(important when driving in columns) and the like;

Traction motors with winding inductor gate drive and built-in planetary reduction gear, designed research group HPE "MEI (TU)." Together with the system of control and power converters are able to realize characteristics similar to those of the collector series-wound motor, which until recently was considered the most appropriate for use in traction drive.

The principle of the hybrid power plants and electric transmission can be briefly described as follows.

The internal combustion engine drives the generator rotor, which generates an alternating current. Then the AC is converted to DC.

By DC bus connected power converters, which are given control laws convert electrical energy and fed it to the traction motors driving the rotation of the wheel. Parallel electric energy is supplied to the drive. In the transient state, such as during acceleration, drive "helps" diesel generating set, ie provides additional energy. During braking, the car, the braking energy is recuperated into electrical energy and "pumped" back into the molecular drive.

Armored vehicle with a hybrid power plant can move silently at the molecular drives when the engine of internal combustion engines. So far, unfortunately, only a limited distance, but with the use of new types of energy storage devices (eg, lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries, the production of which is localized in Russian), this distance can be increased tenfold. This property is very important for the covert movement during special operations.

The use of the electric transmission expands the layout decisions, increases the volume of the crew compartment, and therefore, the amount of transported troops and ammunition.

"Crimea" — is almost ready remotely managed platform. Hardware capabilities of electronic systems experimental prototype model now allow you to control it remotely, and with minor revision and development of appropriate control algorithms and software to create a robotic platform.

Thus, the sums of the project — a clear understanding of the purpose, the correct ideology of work, calculations are made correctly and the correct choice of subcontractors allowed to carry out such integration of components into a single system, which has improved the efficiency of their collaboration, ie was obtained by the synergistic effect.

Rational use of the obtained effect in the design and manufacture of wheeled armored vehicles will provide in the future getting a completely new qualities of art. And it's not far, but near-term outlook.

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