Constructors Tractor plants have developed innovative tractor on methane

On April 26, during the meeting of the Vladimir regional government with representatives of small, medium and large businesses in the region "Concern" Tractor plants " presented new models of special and agricultural machinery, including — an innovative tractor with the engine on methane.

Exhibition, which area businesses, including production facilities "Concern" Tractor plants "exposed their achievements, visited the Acting Governor Svetlana Orlova and director of special economic zones and regional development projects Economic Development Minister Andrei Sokolov. It presented the tractor AGROMASH 85TK (with an upgraded cabin, created in collaboration with Fritzmeier), AGROMASH 85TKG222 on propane, energy container EWA, combine AGROMASH 5000, machinery for domestic purposes on the basis of tractors and AGROMASH 30TK 60TK. Also on display at the premiere of the first Russian tractor running on methane.

"The new development engineers" Concern "Tractor plants" is highly economical and environmentally friendly engine, — said Deputy Director General for innovative products Alexander Gudkov. — In addition, the engine runs quieter on methane and diesel without loss of power. Equally important is the factor that the methane gas is much more accessible, as opposed to liquefied propane gas is transported to almost all regions of the Russian gas transport network of the country. " 

Acting Governor Svetlana Orlova appreciated the advantages of machines "Concern" Tractor plants ". In particular, the tractor on methane, which is becoming popular due to the development of the federal program to promote natural gas vehicles. Also included in the Vladimir region of Gazprom's investment program for the development of this area and the gas giant is ready to invest in the region of 600 million rubles. "Methane — the fuel of the future, it is many times cheaper than diesel, — said Svetlana Orlova during the inspection of the exhibition. — Already, the utility of the region called for help in refurbishing equipment for gas. " In turn, the representative of the federal center, Andrei Sokolov, examining the idea of production, has confirmed that Ministry of Economic Development within the existing capacity is ready to support the promotion of products in the Vladimir region inter-regional and international market.

Production of "Agromach": 

Tractor on propane Agromach 50TKG:


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