Container ship MOL, Syrian rebels carrying arms, crashed

Container ship MOL, Syrian rebels carrying arms, crashed 19.06.2013 / /19:25·17Comments
Yesterday, in the Indian Ocean crashed big trucks Bahamian "Mol Comfort". He walked with supplies for the U.S. Army in Jordan from Singapore to Jeddah (a port in Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea), and then had to go to Aqaba. On board were 4,500 containers loaded with arms for Syrian rebels.


Some of the containers have fallen overboard or damaged. Specifies the details of the accident, but noted that the injuries are significant. 26 crew members were transferred to lifeboats and were raised on board the other vessel is the area, according to the

In MOL has created an office to resolve the emergency situation has arisen.

Characteristics of the vessel MOL Comfort: type of ship — container; capacity — 8 thousand TEUs; cargo — 4382 Containers (7041 TEUs); crew — 26 people: 11 citizens of Russia, 1 — Ukraine, 14 — Philippines, date of construction: 2008.

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