Controversial site WikiLeaks rewrite history

Controversial site WikiLeaks rewrite historyWebsite Wikileaks, to deliver this year a lot of worries the Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence community, is preparing to publish a new batch of secret data. On Monday morning, the official "Twitter" message appears, in which the creators of WikiLeaks promised to publish a collection of materials on the website, at seven times the famous "Iraqi dossier" consisting of 400 thousand documents.

"In the coming months we will see a new world, where global history will be rewritten," — said in its latest report on the current WikiLeaks. What kind of material is in question is not clear.

Since the beginning of this year, WikiLeaks had authors provide the world's media by several full-scale sensation. In early April 2007, the site was published video carried by U.S. helicopter pilots firing of Iraqis in Baghdad. Among the dead was the agency Reuters photographer and his driver. Also injured two children.

In late July 2010 the creators of WikiLeaks presented to journalists the world's major newspapers and magazines called "Diary of the war in Afghanistan" — a collection of more than 90 thousands of secret documents that tell about the actions of U.S. troops in the country. Approved publication not all — some experts and advocates said that as a result of the publication of documents, many of which were secret, may suffer Afghan civilians to help the military fight against the Taliban. In early October, WikiLeaks published more volume collection of materials about the war in Iraq.

U.S. authorities still can not interfere with WikiLeaks, although little progress in solving this problem, Washington still won. In particular, the military managed to arrest U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning, "which fused» Wikileaks video airstrike in Baghdad. Some trouble there and the creator of the scandalous life, Australian Julian Assange. In August this year, Assange was accused by Swedish police in two attempted rape. Now Assange, who considers the charges an attempt to put pressure on him, lives in London.

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