Corporation Bioenergy announces the establishment of the Yaroslavl Bioenergetic Companies

Moscow 12.11.2012

Corporation "Bioenergy" announces the establishment of the Yaroslavl Bioenergetic Companies

As part of the development of bio-energy cluster of Yaroslavl Bioenergy Corporation formed the Yaroslavl bioenergetically Company. This is a separate structural unit of the cluster responsible for the management and implementation of the boiler heat, as well as interaction with local housing agencies. In addition, the new structure will be actively involved in the transfer of municipal boiler Yaroslavl region on peat fuel and the development of targeted regional energy program.

"Heat recovery — this is the last element in the creation of full-energy cluster. — Says Denis Buchel'nikov, CEO of Bioenergy. — We have already tested this model in our cluster, Vladimir and understand the importance of the work of the unit and in terms of the organization of the generation and supply of heat, and in terms of retention rates. "

In the near future in a number of areas of the Yaroslavl region — Nekouzkom, Breit, Uglich and Myshkin, plans to upgrade and transfer of municipal boilers fueled by coal and fuel oil, the local fuel — peat. The relocation of boiler will be carried out within the target regional energy program, currently under development of the regional administration.

The first boiler running on turf, will appear in Nekouzkom area, located in the same place where the key mining company Yaroslavl cluster Corporation — JSC "Mokeiha-Zybinskoe." In the same area, and the planned construction of a plant for the production of peat briquettes.

Yaroslavsky bioenergy cluster Bioenergy Corporation was established in 2011 on the basis of one of the largest peat extraction companies in the region — of "Mokeiha-Zybinskoe." The company owns the license for production of peat in peat land area of the same name 15 517 hectares. in the Yaroslavl region. The field's reserves are estimated at over 70 million tonnes of peat.

The activities of the Corporation in the region is carried out with the support of the local authorities. At present the development of a regional energy program and a set of measures for the development of mining, processing and use of peat in the Yaroslavl region.

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