Corporation Bioenergy cooperation in the region

Corporation "Bioenergy" and a delegation of Yaroslavl Region Administration held a working meeting on the exit businesses Vladimir bioenergy cluster

During a working visit to discuss issues of cooperation in the sphere of small and medium bio-based turf, the exchange of experiences and perspectives of development of bioenergy cluster of Yaroslavl. The meeting discussed the development of a joint program to convert boilers Yaroslavl region on peat fuel.

The participants visited the production site of the cluster, including municipal boilers running on the turf. So, in the framework of the visit, held a working meeting with the Head of Administration Sudogodsky Vladimir region Starodubtsev AS, whose district the first in the region to actively switched to using peat fuel in the framework of the regional program. Given the considerable reserves of peat in the Yaroslavl region, the parties discussed the situation with the transfer boilers for solid fuel peat. Reached an agreement on the development of targeted regional energy programs, energy audits of existing heating systems and the necessary measures for their modernization.


"We believe that the positive experience of Vladimir cluster can be useful and effectively implemented in the Yaroslavl region — said the CEO of" Bioenergy "Denis Buchel'nikov. — About the use of local energy resources, in particular peat, much has been said in recent times. We offer a complete solution that includes the necessary and engineering, and subsequent support. The introduction of energy-efficient technologies and services — one of the priorities of the corporation. Our experts have developed a number of techniques and technical engineering solutions to significantly reduce the energy costs of enterprises. "

Vladimir's bio-energy cluster Bioenergy Corporation was established in 2011 on the basis of a number of regional enterprises in the peat industry. The structure of the Vladimir cluster includes companies: JSC "Vladimirtorf" owns licenses for the development of peatlands on Vtorovskom and Suhl-Panfilovskoem peat deposits, LLC "Vladtorf" — plant and production of peat briquettes, LLC "IBD", currently managing 12 regional boilers running on the turf. An important structural unit of the cluster is an engineering company NesenEngineering, specializing in the development of technical solutions and support of various energy facilities.

The activities of the Corporation in the region is carried out with the full support of the local authorities. In May 2011, the regional government approved set of measures for the development of production, processing and use of peat in the Vladimir region for the period 2011-2016. The Regional target program of development of the cluster of 2011-2014. the translation of local fuels (peat) defined 56 boiler plants, with a total connected load of 61.6 MW.


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