Corporation Bogdan to begin production of a pilot lot NEW MODEL CAR AUTO

From the start of full-scale launch of serial production (welding, painting, assembly) cars JAC factory Corporation "Bogdan" in Cherkassy localization will be more than 30%, and by the end of this year — more than 51%.

Corporation "Bogdan" negotiated with suppliers of components from Ukraine, have already signed the agreement, and at the final stage are the negotiations with potential suppliers of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

"Gateway to the markets of the CIS countries, especially Russia, with products manufactured in Ukraine is a strategic task. Therefore, it is with the launch of JAC cars in the series as we localizing production. Thus, the corporation "Bogdan" not only loads its own production, but also provides an order related companies, "- said Oleg Svinarchuk, president of the corporation" Bogdan ". Mentor Corporation has once again stressed that the automotive industry — the locomotive of the economy of the state, as one job from the assembly plant — is additional 8.10 jobs in related industries.


Since the first stage of a full-scale production, domestic used cars JAC mufflers, seats, batteries, materials for the headliner, tires, wheels, starters, and more.

Recall that in late August of this year, the corporation "Bogdan" started production of a pilot batch of cars JAC at the factory in Cherkassy. The first production line will come down elegant sedan C-Class J5. As of November this year, "Bogdan" will begin production of another model — a compact crossover S5.

The design of cars JAC designed by Italian design company Pininfarina, and the results of crash-C-NCAP test, they have five stars (highest).

Expanding range of vehicles, which are produced in Ukraine was made possible thanks to the steps of the state to protect the domestic market: the imposition of additional duties on imports of finished cars and the introduction of the recycling fee.

According to the forecast of experts, with the start of mass production of cars in Ukraine, the cost for buyers on average were reduced by 10 thous.

Corporation "Bogdan" has the most modern plant in Ukraine to manufacture cars in Cherkassy design capacity of 120-150 thousand cars a year.

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