Corporation Fusion — the supplier of equipment for nuclear power plants

Corporation "Alloy" won the tender for the supply of high-pressure control valves for the first and second blocks of Novo-Voronezh NPP-2. It is a unique product that is not in mass production, but it only produces Corporation "Alloy". The advantage of this valve is that it already has positive experience operating in various NPP at 1 and 2 blocks Kudankulamskoy nuclear power plant (India), 3 unit of Rostov NPP (and will be put on the block 4), acting on the Novo-Voronezh nuclear power plant and Now on to win competition scheduled deliveries under construction at the Novo-Voronezh NPP-2.

The valve is designed PKTI "Atomarmproekt" (Design and Technological Institute of the Corporation). The valve was fully tested, which was attended by experts OKB "Hydraulic". It is the leading experimental design bureau of "Rosatom", performing a complex set of works on creation of reactor systems for nuclear power plants. 

Produce such sophisticated equipment fails, thanks to modern equipment and high professionalism of the employees of "Contour" and JSC "Staroruspribor" — the leading manufacturing enterprises of the Corporation "Alloy".

Just the last month alone, "portfolio" Corporation "Alloy" has increased by 75 million. Won tenders for the manufacture and supply of products for the Balakovo NPP Leningrad NPP Rostov NPP Smolensk nuclear power plants and other energy industries.

The Corporation "Alloy" noted that its businesses remain fully specialized in the production of high quality equipment for nuclear power plants. But at the same time increasing the power and extend the range for the production of products for the petrochemical, power generation, marine, transportation, aerospace and other industries. At the same time, it is very important to the whole range of activities from design to production and testing equipment is a part of the Corporation "Alloy".

Building corporation "Alloy" is the largest manufacturer of valves for the nuclear industry and the petrochemical complex. Products Corporation uses all Russian nuclear power plant and nuclear power plants in Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Iran, China, Lithuania and Ukraine. Production capacity of the corporation are located in Veliky Novgorod and Staraya Russa.

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