Corporation Irkut Jeppesen and the company signed a cooperation agreement for the aircraft MS-21

OAO Corporation "Irkut", belonging to JSC "United Aircraft Corporation", and the company Jeppesen, subdivision Boeing Flight Services, signed an agreement for a period of five years of collaboration on the aircraft MS-21. This document is intended to provide the Corporation "Irkut" package developed by Jeppesen.

President of the Corporation "Irkut" Alexei Fyodorov said: "Developments Jeppesen will allow us to more accurately assess the performance of the aircraft, primarily fuel, already in the process of its creation. Later airlines — operators of the MS-21 will be able to use the Jeppesen packages to optimize their costs."

"We are pleased to expand cooperation with the Corporation" Irkut "and to provide an integrated set of services that will be used to assess the effectiveness of their beautiful new family of aircraft MS-21," — said Thomas Vede, senior vice president, Jeppesen Aviation. "Digital Jeppesen services allow operators to increase operational efficiency. And we also look forward to providing the Corporation" Irkut "the necessary data at the time of the MS-21 will be ready for use on airlines."

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