Corporation Irkut ordered the aircraft to 280 billion rubles

Corporation "Irkut" in 2012 was awarded contracts for the supply of more than 100 combat aircraft and kits for assembly under license. According to a press release of the corporation, Received "Heathcliff" portfolio "Irkut" estimates approximately nine billion dollars. 

Sales Corporation on the basis of 2012 amounted to 48.5 billion rubles. Net profit exceeded a billion rubles, which is 27.7 percent better performance in 2011.

In February 2013 the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) published the list of 100 largest arms supplier in the world in 2011. "Irkut" took 68th place in the ranking with a measure of 1.07 billion compared to $ 1.33 billion in 2010. Corporation "Irkut" specializes in the production of both military and civilian aircraft, including fighter jets Su-30MK series, combat training aircraft Yak-130, as well as amphibious aircraft Be-200. In addition, the Corporation has been developing unmanned aerial vehicles to order the Russian Defense Ministry.

For the Armed Forces of Russia "Irkut" delivers the Yak-130, Be-200, as well as Su-30cm (version of the Su-30MK for Russia). In 2012, the Ministry of Defence has ordered "Irkut" 60 Su-30cm two parties.

Abroad "Irkut" basically bought the Su-30MK fighters of various modifications, as well as the Yak-130. In particular, four combat-capable aircraft in December 2012, the Corporation commissioned Belarus.

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