Corporation Irkut started production of MS-21



Irkutsk aviation plant (IAP, a subsidiary of the corporation "Irkut") started the production of large parts of the first stage short-medium-haul passenger aircraft (BSMS) MS-21. With the work shop IAZa, which produces prototypes of fuselage components liner, today introduced the journalists, reports ITAR-TASS.

Aviakorporatsiya maintains its plans to release the terms of a commercial aircraft, which will replace the Tu-154 and Tu-204 on the Russian market: the first car to climb into the sky in the second half of 2015, while the supply contract will begin in 2017  

"In the production of MS-21 by the end of 2014-beginning of 2015 we have to complete the modernization of the assembly, it will allow us to perform a core set of production modernization" — told reporters CEO Alexander IAZa Veprev. It is assumed that for three years the company will final separation of civil and military industries (Su-30 combat training Yak-130, up to 2011 it also produced amphibious aircraft Be-200).

"We have already started the construction of a new building for assembly of military equipment", — said the boar. For the production of new civil airliners will be the reconstruction and redevelopment of old shops, where the company will establish an assembly line DURR.

Modernization Project director general assembly production plant valued at more than $ 200 million. This means that "Irkut" uses a line of credit of the Savings Bank, totaling $ 1 billion, opened in 2011, said the vice-president of the Savings Bank, Vladimir Yashin. In this case, loan funds are, in his estimation, only 30-40 prots.ot required amount for the project to MS-21, they are supplemented by private enterprise and revenue funding from the budget of the Russian Federation. "Credit limit for the enterprise -2000000000 dollars if need more funds, the bank is prepared to provide support", — assured Yashin.


Corporation "Irkut" together with the Yakovlev Design Bureau is a leading developer and integrator of MS-21. It also involved the production of "Tupolev" and "Civil aircraft" Sukhoi "." The maximum range of the airliner — 5500 km. It is assumed that in the international market it will compete with A320, "Boeing-737" and the development of the Chinese C919 "Komaki" (COMAC). "Irkut" has signed a contract for the supply of 250 MS-21, of which 175 — hard.

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