Corporation Svarog West Group increased fruit production by 20% in 2011

Corporation "Svarog West Group" has collected 6 tons of fruit in 2011, a 20% increase over the previous year. The increase in yield was due to the release of young orchards in the optimal level of fruiting, according to a press release.

Corporation "Svarog West Group" is engaged in horticulture since 2007. Today in Sokyriany and Khotyn areas of Chernivtsi region, on the basis of "Bukovina Garden" (282 hectares of gardens) and three with smaller squares, LLC, is located about 450 ha of intensive apple, pear and plum orchards in the mid-and low-growing rootstock (planting 2003 -2005. and 2008-2010.) for drip irrigation. The gardens are planted and tended by European technology intensive gardening using an effective scheme of compacted planting small trees, which significantly increases the yield per hectare compared to previous technologies. Apples are grown varieties: Idared, Jonagold, Champion, Gloucester, Golden Delicious, Reinette Simerenko and others. Pear varieties: The November and Yablunivskaya. Plum varieties: Greengage and Stanley.

"In subsequent years, additional planned landing apple and pear orchards intensive (on a trellis and drip irrigation). Overall, by 2015 the area under horticulture will be increased to about 800 hectares, "- says Sergey Gavrishev, director of fruit production corporation" Svarog West Group ".

To store the products grown Corporation "Svarog West Group" uses modern warehouse with a controlled atmosphere (CSG) with a capacity of 1,200 tons and 2,500 tons in Sokyriany area of Chernivtsi region. "In 2012, we plan to significantly increase the storage capacity of fruit production and commissioning of two new fruit storage by 2500 and 1,500 tons of storage. The data warehouse will store the fruit for a long time (up to one year) with preservation of their natural quality indicators, which will allow for a year until the next harvest to market fresh apples, pears and plums "premium segment", — said Sergey Gavrishev.


Corporation "Svarog West Group" — Agricultural Company, which operates in Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi regions, established in 2003. Up to 40% of production "Svarog West Group" exports to Russia. The main activities of the companies of the group are:

  • crop production: cultivation of grain, oilseeds and commercial crops;
  • dairy and beef cattle;
  • horticulture;
  • storage products (modern grain, vegetable and fruit storage);
  • MTS today.

At present, the total area of land in the treatment of 75 hectares. The head of the corporation chairman Andrew Gordiychuk

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