Corruption in Italy has reached alarming proportions

According to a report prepared by the Commission on the Prevention of Corruption according to the international organization Transparency International, Italy has one of the highest places in Europe and 69th in the world in terms of corruption, along with Ghana and Macedonia.

The paper notes that in recent years, Italy has deteriorated in this area, while the number of complaints and convictions decreased, reports RIA "Novosti".

In particular, in 1996, in cases of corruption was made 1700 convictions, then ten years later — a total of 239 sentences.

The economic costs of corruption in Italy is estimated at several billion euros. "The spread of corruption undermines confidence in the markets and companies that discourages foreign investment and, therefore, reduces the competitiveness of the country," — said Prime Minister Mario Monti in his introduction to the report.

In this regard, he recalled that the fight against corruption is a priority for his government.

Last week, the Senate of the Republic approved a government bill aimed at combating corruption, in which the Apennines regularly accused politicians and officials at various levels.

In this document, in particular, the re-written some of the offenses, increased sentences for them, and also contained a provision stating that the Government shall have the authority to implement the rule that a person previously convicted of corruption, can not take part in the parliamentary and administrative elections.

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