Corruption is melting

Over the past year, the risks of corruption in the Russian entrepreneurs times decreased from the results of a global survey of Ernst &Young. Experts attribute this to the integration of Russia into the world economy (WTO accession), toughening penalties for corruption and fatigue life business "black." 

 According to the survey Ernst &Young, for the year by almost 2-fold reduction in the number of entrepreneurs who face corruption.

If last year on corruption as "a common problem," said 93% of the entrepreneurs, in 2012 their number had dropped to 48%, according to a global study on fraud Ernst &Young (E &Y).

While in the past year, the need for cash to pay bribes in order to achieve corporate benefits, or to protect the business in Russia complained about 39% of directors — of respondents E &Y, in present — only 16%. Almost three-quarters (72%) of the respondents said they see no risk of corruption in the country.

Experts attribute the positive results obtained with the 2012 election, the entry into the WTO and the fatigue life of business "black."

"Russia has become part of a single global economic space, making more transparent the activities of individual companies and the economy as a whole", — said the managing partner of E &Y Alexander Ivlev.

It should be noted that this trend goes against the world where corruption is gaining momentum. Thus, the number of those who are afraid to face the necessity of bribery money, almost equal to the Russian level — 15%, whereas a year ago about a similar scheme spoke only 9% of respondents. The number of those who complain about the corruption offerings in the world has nearly tripled — from 6% to 16%.

Recall that in the beginning, the international non-governmental organization Transparency International also reported a decrease in the level of corruption in Russia. Over the years Russia has managed to improve its position in the ranking of the level of corruption by 11 points and was on the 143 th place out of 182 possible, which, of course, is far from desirable, but it shows a certain trend.

Over the past five years, Russia has moved for the first time in the index of perception of corruption, noted at the beginning, the director of the center «Transparency International — Russia" Panfilova. Prior to that, the country was in the so-called "stabilization of corruption," we were kept in the 2.1-2.2 points. Positive developments, said Panfilov, achieved through amendments to the legislation: an introduction to the officials of declarations of income and assets, the tightening of sanctions for corruption, including multiple fines. More recently, the president signed another big law against corruption.

"Over the last few years has really done a great job" — agrees nationwide leader of the "For fair market" Ilya Handrikov. According to the chairman of NP "Business solidarity" Yana Yakovleva, existence "in the black" jeopardizes the preservation of the property owner, so the business is interested in bribes less.

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