Corvette Courageous arrived in Baltiysk for sea trials

The crew of the corvette "Courageous" New Project 20380 under the command of Captain 2nd Rank Sergey Lipsky made a transition to a cross-database Baltiysk to continue running the factory, and then the state tests in the ranges of combat training in the area of responsibility of the Baltic naval base of the Baltic Fleet (BF).

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In the near future, the ship will leave Baltiysk to perform a set of tests at sea. Between them the crew of the "lively" in cooperation with representatives of the industry will be carefully checked the operation of all systems and ship.

It will focus on the work of propulsion, communications and navigation systems all ship weapons.

In March, the crew will proceed to the state tests.

For reference:

Launching a second serial corvette "Courageous" 20380, built for the Baltic Fleet, was held at the "Severnaya Verf" April 15, 2011 Laid patrol ship "Courageous" was the boathouse of "Severnaya Verf" in July 2005. The lead ship of the series is the corvette "Guarding", provided by the Baltic Fleet in the 2007 second corvette of the project — "Savvy" — was passed October 14, 2011

Corvette project developed by JSC "Central Marine Design Bureau" Almaz ". Ship is designed for action in the near sea zone and combating enemy surface ships and submarines of the enemy, as well as artillery support amphibious assault during special operations. During the construction of the ships used technology "stealth." Using the latest solutions to reduce physical fields ship.

PS In the sea and on the firing seems that "savvy" (second corvette 20380)

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