Corvette Courageous finished state sea trials

Project 20380 corvette "Courageous" has completed sea trials in the state of combat training ranges Baltic naval base of the Baltic Fleet.

Representatives of the factory acceptance testing teams, together with the ship's crew and members of the state selection committee spent maneuvering and speed tests corvette, checked the operation of all assemblies, systems and components, navigation and radio equipment, and weapons ship.

In particular, they made rocket and artillery fire on surface and air targets, a complex of torpedo firing and bombing deep, worked out the problem landing ASW Ka-27 helicopter on the deck of the corvette and tasks of air defense ship.
In the near future corvette will make the transition to St. Petersburg for the Shipyard "Severnaya Verf", which will host the second phase of the state tests. Experts and members of the state commission to assess the overall state of the corvette, its equipment. The crew of the ship will be handed over sets of spare parts and tools. It is planned that in May — June corvette will join the CF.

"Courageous" — the serial corvette 20380, built for the Baltic Fleet. Ships 20380 designed for operations in the near maritime zone and combating enemy surface ships and submarines of the enemy, as well as artillery support amphibious force during amphibious operations. Photo:© RIA Novosti. Igor Zarembo

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