Corvette Courageous has fulfilled reception helicopters on deck

On the eve of the crew of the newest corvette "Courageous" (Project 20380), under the command of Captain 2nd Rank Sergey Lipsky, held training sessions to receive the deck ASW helicopters Ka-27.
Testing of receiving a helicopter onto the deck has been made during the exit to the sea as part of the next stage of production tests. The crew of the ship and anti-submarine aircraft pilots of the Baltic Fleet first landed the helicopter on the deck of the corvette, reports the Russian Defense Ministry's press-service of the Western Military District (WEST).

Total for the day was made more than 10 landings on the stern deck on the ship's course. Was tested the willingness of all special systems corvette to receive helicopters and work start command center.

The commander of Naval Aviation Air Base BF Colonel Yevgeny Astakhov said that all flights were successful, all assigned tasks are complete, the system of anti-submarine helicopters operational. For the current month are also scheduled landing Ka-27 on deck "Boyko" in the night. In addition, the crew will perform a variety of shooting from the ship's weapons and conduct exercises in anti-submarine and air defense.

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