Corvette Guarding Baltic fleet headed for the Dutch Den Helder

Corvette "Guarding" under the command of Captain 3rd Rank Dmitry Artamonov out of the Baltic Sea and headed for Den Helder (Netherlands).

Visit the ship of the Baltic Fleet (BF) is dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary of Royal Netherlands Navy. On board the corvette "Guarding" is combined orchestra of the fleet and a company of marines.


The program of the visit includes meetings protocol command of the Russian ship with representatives of the Royal Netherlands Navy, and the participation of Russian sailors in the festivities.

In the Dutch port of the ship of the Baltic Fleet will stay from 18 to 23 June.
During the transition in Den Helder, the crew of the corvette "Guarding" will fulfill a number of training and combat tasks: improving the actions of personnel on drills, training in the struggle for the survival of the ship, anti-aircraft defense.

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