Corvette Guarding It was five years

Today, February 27, marked the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Navy of Russia lead ship "Guarding" series of multi-purpose Project 20380 corvettes.

February 27 crew corvette "Guarding", commanded by commander Dmitry Artamonov, marks the 5th anniversary of the raising of the Navy flag.

Corvette "Guarding" laid December 21, 2001 in St. Petersburg at the shipyard "Severnaya Verf". The ship was named in honor of the destroyer "Guarding", who died heroically in an unequal battle with the superior forces of the Japanese, March 10 (February 26), 1904. May 16, 2006 the ship was launched on and after the successful completion of the state tests February 27, 2008 the ship became part of the Russian Navy.

During his naval service corvette "Guarding" was about 50,000 nautical miles. Corvette "Guarding" — participant of the 3rd, 4th and 5th International Marine salons 2007.2009 and 2011. (St. Petersburg), a permanent member of marine parade on the Neva River in the Day of Navy of Russia. In 2009, the Corvette was involved in operational-strategic exercises "West-2009". He took part in joint exercises "PASSEKS" in the Gulf with the frigate INS "Beas" (Indian Navy), joint exercises with the French DVDK "Mistral".

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